How to access email when shuspace is down

Unfortunately there have been intermittent problems with shuspace for the past few days now – it was down for a long period on Wednesday and Friday, and this seems to be the case this morning. As the email to all students states, IS&T at SHU are doing all they can to resume normal service and trying to find the root of the problem so it will stop happening.

In the meantime there is still a way that you can access email. If you go straight to  rather than through the usual route of shuspace, you should be able to get direct access to your emails.

If this doesn’t work, you can try following the steps below to get access to your university emails.

1)  Type into your web browser

2) In the login panel, type in your username. This is your student number (e.g. b1234567) followed by

3) Leave the password box blank for now.

4) You should be taken to the normal SHU login page, where you can access your emails.

Just a word of warning though – this might not work for everyone and all the time. It all seems to be a bit volatile at the moment, so bear with us and keep checking the IT Help Twitter feed at for up to date information.

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