Look out for changes to Timetables and Google Calendars

By now you’ve hopefully worked out how to access your Timetable in shuspace (if not, look for the Timetables channel next to your list of Blackboard sites in the MySHU tab). But IS&T at Sheffield Hallam have come up with a feature that will hopefully let you integrate it more effectively into your schedule, by combining it with Google Calendars. You may already use Google’s Calendar tool to manage your study time, but if not, have a look at the bar at the top of the page when you’re checking your SHU emails – there are a few tools up here including the Calendar (as well as some new gadgets which will be the subject of another article soon). This is also the calendar you can access by selecting the ‘My Schedule’ icon in the shuGo app.

The Google Calendar link in the Google apps bar

Where to access your Google Calendar

Although still in the beta stages (which means you might not be able to use this feature just yet) the intention is to role out this integration across to all students during this semester. Benefits will include being able to see your timetabled course events such as lectures and seminars alongside your own diary entries, being able to make use of the text and email notification tools with Google Calendars, and also accessing your timetable via the shuGo app.

Have a look in Google Calendars next time you check your emails to see if you are one of the students able to test this feature. If you have any feedback or comments please let us know by emailing ITFeedback@shu.ac.ukĀ . Your views are important in developing this service for all students.

Just a word of warning – Google can take up to nine hours to update any changes made to the timetable when using this service. So to avoid confusion and to make sure you know exactly where you should be and when, double check your timetable using the web timetable tool in shuspace.

To find out more about this service, watch this preview.

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