shuTech welcomes new students to Sheffield Hallam University!

A big welcome to new students at Sheffield Hallam University, and also welcome back to all existing students! This blog is written by Hallam students for Hallam students, and is aimed at helping you use technology to get the most out of your studies at SHU. We provide information and news on topics such as shuspace, Blackboard, emails as well as coming up with advice, suggestions and tips on other ways that using technology can further enhance your studies and future career prospects. For example, did you know that there is a wide range of smartphone and tablet apps designed to help you study and revise, that shuspace offers a number of resources on helping you study efficiently and effectively, or that you can print wirelessly from a laptop when on campus and connected to the Sheffield Hallam Wi-fi?

Photo of Adsetts learning centre Level 3

Adsetts Learning Centre

By subscribing to the blog, using the search function, or keeping in touch and making your own suggestions of what you’d like to read about, we hope that the shuTech blog keeps you up to date and on top of the ever-expanding technology minefield while at the same time letting you enjoy the ways it can be incorporated into your studies.

How to get in touch:

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