Maximise your employability with your Facebook profile

If you’re a short-listed candidate for a job, it’s likely that the first thing the potential employer will do is Google you. Unless you’re an A-list movie star or an Olympic gold medal winner your Facebook profile is most likely to be one of the top hits. But will your possible new boss really be viewing the sorts of things that could lead to you securing a job? Here’s how to make Facebook work for you in progressing your career.

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Make yourself attractive to employers

Make sure your profile looks professional, but you don’t need to pretend it’s LinkedIn. Employers are expecting to see some of your personality here, so they’re unlikely to be fooled by a profile which claims your favourite hobbies include doing research or photos that only relate to your previous work experience. However, while job searching it may be advisable to un-tag yourself from any photos of questionable content, and delete any comments that are controversial or just plain obscene!

Just like on your CV, use Facebook to list previous jobs, hobbies and experience that would be attractive to employers. Show them you’re more than just another student and give them some hints as to why you could fit in as a member of their team.

As well as your favourite bands, products and celebrities, ‘Like’ businesses and organisations that relate to your chosen career path. Updates from these could show up on your profile, suggesting to potential employers that you are committed to their sector.

Search for jobs through Facebook

Use some career related Facebook apps:

  • BeKnown, created by job-searching website Monster, allows you to create a separate Facebook profile and network for job searching, similar to LinkedIn. Also look for BranchOut.
  • Work@ allows users to post job opportunities within their companies to their friends. Be on the receiving end of one of these posts and you could be in with the chance of a job and a personal reference.
  • Expand your friend network to maximise your career options – think back to the high achievers at school, or those who had a similar career aspirations to you. A bit of Facebook stalking, a friend request and some reminiscing about the good old days could double up as effective networking.

Also, the Facebook Marketplace has a jobs section tailored towards your location

Set up a business

Facebook’s ‘Page’ tool makes it easy to promote a business for free. Think of the market you could reach out to through your network and beyond. It could be particularly suited to services or visual-based sectors such as photography, hairdressing, catering and crafts. Update the page regularly with images, comments and conversations. Even if you’re not looking to be self-employed long term, presenting yourself as an enterprising, adaptive personality could be attractive to potential employers.

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