Have you noticed the changes to shuspace?

Over the weekend, shuspace and Blackboard have been upgraded – we hope you like the new look. The functionality will be the same as you’re used to, so there shouldn’t be any confusion with where to find the information and resources you need, but shuspace in particular has been developed to have a much more modern, slick look than before. It also incorporates the new Sheffield Hallam University branding that you should start to see popping up around campus soon.

New shuspace design screenshot July2012

The new look of shuspace

This is a good opportunity to give a quick recap on what you can find in the different tabs of shuspace.

  • My SHU is the tab you see first when you log in. From here you can access your email, Blackboard sites, the Library Gateway, timetables and My Student Record.
  • Learning Essentials provides direction to information that supports your learning, such as a wealth of resources on study skills, and practical advice on aspects of your education at Hallam.
  • University Life covers every day student life, from sport to finance and much more.
  • My Future directs you to resources and information that can help you plan your career or gain employability skills, as well as look for part time work.
  • and Help and support gives you quick access to all the information you need.

Remember that within each of these tabs you can also add your own choice of Channels, in order to personalise shuspace to your individual needs. There is a wide range of channels available, including BBC news feeds, calculator and notepad tools, SHU surveys and focus group opportunities, and much more. For help on how to personalise your shuspace, visit our previous post, Getting the most out of shuspace by adding channels. 

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