Looking for something to keep you busy over summer?

Stuck for a job over summer break? Find yourself needing more experience? Well we’re here to help…

We’re looking for new guest posters to write articles and spread the word about the shuTech blog!

Could I be eligible?

To write for the blog all we ask is that you’re a current student of Sheffield Hallam University and are studying towards a degree of any discipline.

What would it involve?

It would involve you selecting relevant topics of interest around the area of technology and writing short articles on these topics, to open other students’ eyes to what is available to them.

What kind of topics would I write about?

girl with laptop in front of flowers

This of course would be up to you, but some examples are:

– Useful apps

– The benefits of smartphones

– Free/new software

OR anything technology related that could prove useful to students.

When would have to write the posts?

Again, totally down to you. You can get involved as little or as much as you like and you can write the posts whenever you have a spare half an hour!

Why would I want to get involved in the shuTech blog?

– Why wouldn’t you?! shuTech blog is growing and you could be involved and help it reach more students.

– Think about your CV! How many jobs adverts do you read that emphasise “Excellent oral and written communication skills”, by writing for the Blog you will have physical evidence that you can put down on application forms and talk about in interviews.

– It’s vital that being a student at Hallam you gain as much experience as possible during your time here so when you graduate (with 1st Class honours of course) you will be ready for the jobs market, so if you’re interested you can contact us in a variety of ways:

–  Leave us a comment/send us a person message on Facebook: Search shuTech Blog

– Contact us through our blog page http://shutech.wordpress.com

–  Tweet us @shutech1

– Or contact us directly via email:

a.ironmonger@shu.ac.uk      h.ormrod-stebbings@shu.ac.uk

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