Use technology to ease you through exam period

It’s that time of year again – exams, assignments, essays and stress! Although most of us have learnt by now how to structure our time and approach looming deadlines, it doesn’t always help when buried in a sea of textbooks, research material and lecture notes. The following tips on how aspects of technology can help you through this time of year will hopefully contribute to a well managed and successful end of academic year or course. Good luck!

Exam revision - student's notes and stationery on a desk with cans of energy drinks

Exam revision by jpellgen, Flickr

Exam Buddy for iPad and iRevise for iPhone (£1.99/£1.49)

This app actually contains five different applications for helping you through the stressful exam period. Allowing you to create timetables, audio recordings, revision notes and quizzes, it could squeeze everything you need to know from all those heavy textbooks and printouts into your iPhone or iPad. Your course material can be divided into a series of notebooks and notes, helping you to stay organised, and can be edited with typed or copy-and-pasted text as well as diagrams and images. The app can then ingeniously create tests out of your notes, really helping you to strengthen your understanding of each topic.

iStudyAlarm for iPhone and iPad (69p)

As well as learning the content for your exams, it’s also important to stay focussed and motivated, and also to reward yourself with breaks and treats. This app functions as a timer to ensure you have regular breaks from suffocating under a pile of books. As well as this it also has a wealth of study tips such as recall strategies and ideal brain foods; motivational ideas to keep you focussed; and tips on how to cope with the actual exam including what examiners are looking for and how to effectively answer different types of questions. The app also recognises the importance of the break as a motivational tool, so provides hints on how you can still maximise your brain power while taking a few minutes out from your schedule.

shuspace and Blackboard

Use shuspace and the MySHU tab to access your Exam Timetable and Assessment Diary, to help you stay organised at this time of year. Check out the Support for Learning channel in the Learning Essentials tab of shuspace to find out how to access one-to-one study support on aspects such as time management, note-taking skills and academic writing. The Resources for Learning channel also provides a number of links to resources on study skills such as maths, referencing, and researching and writing in your specific area of study. And don’t forget that your modules’ Blackboard sites might provide a wealth of information such as lecture slides and past papers.

Book a PC or Meeting Room at Hallam

If you’re under pressure to complete an essay or group report, it may be wise to plan ahead rather than risk searching for the equipment or space you need on campus. Through shuspace you can book Meeting Rooms or PCs with various specific software and hardware including scanners, projectors, Macs and Blu-Ray players. Visit our previous blog post about how book meeting rooms and PCs through shuspace.


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