Maximise your employability with LinkedIn

The time has come to join LinkedIn! LinkedIn a useful tool for Students and Graduates alike and is another way in which to get yourself noticed by potential employers in ‘the real world’. But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

7 reasons why LinkedIn is useful to students at Hallam:

LinkedIn features highly in search engines:If you are signed up and have a profile this is what is most likely to come up when you search your own name. Therefore if a potential employer puts your name into a search engine, they’re more likely to view your professional profile than your Facebook account!

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LinkedIn is your online CV: This is easy to set up, as you’re likely to already have a CV saved onto your PC, therefore the majority of information needed to set up the profile will be at your finger tips. In addition to this LinkedIn allows you to add much more content regarding your experiences such as societies you’re part of or volunteer work you have taken part in. This means you will have more connections to previous employers and colleagues on the site and you might just catch some extra potential employer’s eyes.

LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with people: Through LinkedIn you can remain in contact with other students from the university and also with your tutors. If post graduation you need a reference for a forthcoming job, LinkedIn is a good way to contact them to request the reference in a professional manner. LinkedIn helps as if people move on to bigger and better things, you will still be connected to them and contact them with the push of a button!

LinkedIn lets you put your letters of recommendation out there for all the employers to be impressed with: LinkedIn lets you request recommendations from the connections you have which are displayed on your personal profile. This means that employers can see your letters of recommendation before even thinking about requesting any references from you. This can put you a step a head of the game in the ever competitive graduate jobs market.

LinkedIn not only shows your direct connections, but also your second and third degree connections: Second and third degree connections are people who also know the people you know! Therefore if you have second and third degree connections with potential employers, you already elevate the level in which they will trust and value your application increasing your chances of being successful.

LinkedIn allows you to research the people that will be interviewing you: Although this may sound like a creepy thing to do, it isn’t at all!When preparing for an interview LinkedIn is very useful tool as you can view the interviewers profile and highlight things you may have in common, or be able to tailor some of your answers in the interview as you know what kind of interests they have.

 LinkedIn is a place to search and apply for jobs: Applying through LinkedIn means there is a bigger potential of employers that may look at your profile, as it is linked to your application and furthermore they can immediately see if they are connected to you in anyway!

To sum up, LinkedIn is another tool for you get yourself out there in the eyes of potential employers. It’s free and easy to use so you shouldn’t be missing the opportunity of increasing your chances of netting your dream career.

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