Did you know that you can find assistive technology at Hallam to meet specific needs?

Sheffield Hallam University provides a wealth of support for students with specific needs such as dyslexia and visual impairments. If you are feel you are a student with specific needs you may already be receiving this support; however, if you have not accessed the University’s Disabled Student Support service you may not be aware of the resources available to you within the university. These include assistive technologies accessible on campus PCs which could help with issues relating to dyslexia or visual impairments.

If you are a student affected by sensitivity to black text on a white background, a simple feature within Windows 7 (now on all university PCs) could help. By following the steps below, white pages such as Word documents and Windows Folders can be transformed to a colour of your choice.

1. Right-click on the Desktop background and select Personalise.

 2. Click on Advanced Appearance Settings in the window that appears.

3. Scroll down to the Window item and select a colour of your choice. By selecting Other you have access to a much wider range of colours.

Windows dialogue box for changing colours

Changing background colours in Windows

4. Confirm your choice by clicking OK.


The specialist software available on all campus PCs could also be valuable to students with specific needs. From utilising the sophisticated spell-checking, word prediction and text-to-speech features available on Read and Write to producing structured essay plans and organising information using Inspiration, you are sure to find a software package to assist you. Search for Specialist Software in shuspace for a more extensive list of these technologies.

For more information and personal support relating to your specific needs, contact the university’s Disabled Student Support service.

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