Watch Video on Demand through The Library Gateway

There are over 5,000 on demand videos that are available to you through the library gateway specialising in many different areas of study – and now the university has just made it easier for you to access them!

Here’s how,

1. First run your search using your chosen keywords

2. You will need to click the Content Type more… to display all of the different content type options available

3. Then check the box to include Video on Demand (It will only be displayed if streaming video content is included in your results)

Video on Demand - Library Gateway

Video on Demand – Library Gateway

Library Search will refine your search to show only the Video on Demand results and then you can follow the title links through to shuplayer to watch the video immediately. Happy Streaming!

2 thoughts on “Watch Video on Demand through The Library Gateway

  1. Hi Katya. I’ve been informed that the service does now work on off-campus Macs but still not On-campus Macs.
    The Learning Centre team is working hard to get it working on the on-campus Macs so hopefully it will be available there soon!

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