Study App of the Week – Penultimate

As 21st century students we are constantly finding new ways of using technology to enhance our lives, and also our education at Sheffield Hallam University. As well as Hallam’s very own SHUgo app, providing access to the Library Gateway, emails and Blackboard sites, there are a number of apps on the market for smartphones and tablets, which could be useful and inspiring to students of various disciplines. This series of articles provides information about our selection of these innovative apps, but please leave a comment below or contact us on Facebook if you have any favourites of your own.

Notes done on Penultimate app

Penultimate note-taking, by Choconancy1, Flickr

Penultimate (£0.69-iPad)

This app has infinite potential with its intuitive and simple handwriting function, as well as incorporating a number of more sophisticated features such as an extensive selection of ink and paper styles, allowing you to become an artist as well as efficient note-taker using the iPad. Its organisation system allows pages to be filed, easily extracted and moved around; the app also has the option of importing image files to be edited on the go. For Android tablets try Pensupremacy.

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