Help on Emailing tutors directly from shuspace

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We’ve heard that some students have been having trouble emailing tutors directly from shuspace. When you click on the link, for example it will automatically try to open up Microsoft Outlook to use as an email client. This is because all staff use Outlook rather than Google Mail and because of this, an error message will occur. This doesn’t mean that you can’t contact your tutor or that they are unavailable, it just means that you need to do it a slightly different way!

All you need to do is open your student emails, copy the tutor’s email address and paste it in the section titled To and continue to write the email as you normally would. This eliminates the problem of the error message and after you have emailed them once, Google Mail will save the email address and you will only need to start typing the tutor’s name in the address bar and their email address will appear from then on.

If you are still having trouble leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

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