12 Days of Christmas – Day 11. 3D Television

3D TV at technology convention in use by two men

by LGEPR, Flickr

Hot on the heels of High Definition, 3D television has become considerably more affordable in 2011 with prices crashing from £1000s to only £100s. Exploiting the success of 3D cinema, the televisions are advertised as bringing the movie experience into your home, and currently there is a fairly good range of 3D movies available to buy although a limited range of 3D channels. However, the need for a huge screen to get the right effects, necessary upgrades to other kit such as Blu-ray players, and expensive digital subscriptions, as well as the need to wear dodgy glasses to watch TV in your home, may currently be enough to put off most consumers. The continued development of 3D technology will mean that media students of the future will have new challenges and opportunities in creating exciting projects.

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