12 Days of Christmas – Day 1. The Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

by theunquietlibrary, Flickr

There is a good chance you have watched a family member or friend upwrap one of these over Christmas. With the capability to hold thousands of books on a portable device, and using anti-glare e-ink, Kindle has revolutionised the age-old art of reading. As one of a number of e-readers introduced over the last couple of years, Amazon got it right with Kindle by creating a sleek, lightweight model allowing users to quickly download and sync e-books from Amazon onto their device, as well as others including smartphones and iPads which have the app installed. An increasing variety of textbooks and core texts are becoming available on Kindle, and any text which is available as a PDF can also be uploaded on the device, meaning that your reading list could now become very portable and accessible.

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