Help and support for using Turnitin

More and more academics are now asking students to submit their assignments through Turnitin to attempt to ensure that the referencing and academic integrity of  essays are up to spec. However we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to use and the outcomes difficult to understand!

The Help and Support link gives guidance and advice on how to successfully use Turnitin and the advantages it has to offer: Help and Support for Turnitin

On the link you will find 3 screencasts;

What is Turnitin?

This screencast will give you a overview of what Turnitin actually is, does, how it works, and the simple purposes it serves. This is really aimed at the first time user of Turnitin and it will give you a good incite into why the university uses it.

How do I submit work to Turnitin?

The aim of this is to show you how exactly to upload your work into Turnitin. The screencast will take you through each stage of uploading your assignment.

How do I access and interpret an Originality Report?

One of the more confusing aspects of using Turnitin is the interpretation of the originality reports. These reports can help you identify areas where you need to double-check that you have referenced properly. The interpretation is key and unlike some think, the idea is not to push your % down to the lowest possible level.

Wanting more?

Shuspace offers more help and support on Turnitin  and referencing in general. Search for ‘Academic Integrity’ in the shuspace search bar for more support.

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