Getting the most out of shuspace by adding channels

shuspace is a portal with a variety of useful functions not just relating your course but also the university and the wider world. You probably already access shuspace regularly to check emails, Blackboard sites and use the Library Gateway, but it is also home to a wealth of information, from how to reference properly to where to get a new shucard from. Are you utilising it to its full potential as a tool to further enrich your experience as a student?

Personalising shuspace

Although the default channels on shuspace provide a range of valuable information and resources, by personalising your shuspace pages you have even greater opportunities to get involved with university activities, as well as benefit from resources such as news and weather, advice on employment and CVs, information about university services, and other topics to suit you.

Getting more out of shuspace is easy!

Your shuspace tabs are split into ‘Channels’, such as Dashboard, your Faculty Channel, Timetable and Have you Seen. Each tab on shuspace, such as My SHU and My Future has its own range of relevant channels. What you may not realise is that it is possible to make shuspace entirely personal to you, by selecting from an extensive list of channels to add to each tab. Although some channels, such as Dashboard, are fixed, others can be added, removed and even added to more than one tab.

shuspace link for adding channels

By clicking on ‘Add Channel’, in the top left of every shuspace tab, you are given access to this list of extra channels. These can range from those offering opportunities to participate in students’ research projects and surveys, to BBC News feeds and quick access to campus maps and opening hours. For example, you may wish to add the Telegraph Business News channel to your My Future tab, allowing you to keep up to date with the live feed from the Daily Telegraph finance news section. Or add the Textpad tool to your Learning Essentials tab, allowing you to write ‘post-it’ style notes which appear on your shuspace page. Just taking a few minutes to review these channels could result in you developing a shuspace layout which is relevant to your interests, and can further add to your experience at the university.

Need more help?

For a step-by-step guide on adding Channels to shuspace, and other ways to personalise the layout, search for ‘personalising shuspace’ in the shuspace search box, or visit ‘Getting the most out of shuspace’ on the log-in page.

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