What is Google Chrome?

This article is intended to introduce you to Google’s web browser, Chrome, describing some of its features and presenting it as an alternative option to Microsoft Internet Explorer and other browsers.

Chrome is Google’s answer to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and is becoming an increasingly popular web browser. First released in 2008, Chrome has a slick look, with narrow borders and few default toolbars, designed for minimal intrusion into the web browsing area, and making it suited to machines with large monitors and small net-books alike.

Google Chrome Logo

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Like Firefox, and more recent releases of Internet Explorer, Chrome has the useful ‘Tabs’ function, which allows you to multitask between different websites in one browser. As well as maintaining functions such as Bookmarks and History, all neatly hidden away in the spanner menu, Chrome incorporates some sophisticated and fun features. The incognito window allows you to view websites without it being recorded on the History – ideal for Christmas present shopping online. The Chrome Web Store offers apps such as weather, games and online photo editors, similar to those available for smart-phones, to enhance your web browser experience; the browser itself can be personalised with themes ranging from kittens to sports cars, from the Theme Gallery. Chrome even offers the opportunity to synchronise settings such as bookmarks and apps between computers, by saving them to your Google account.

The university is currently aiming to make Chrome available on all PCs, and the browser appears to be compatible with functionality of shuspace and Blackboard, but if you do discover any problems when using it, please let us know.

This post is one in a series of articles explaining various aspects of technologies which may be useful to your studies.

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