Update to SHUgo mobile app now available for iOS

SHUgo 2.0 is here! SHUgo is the University’s mobile app, which we are working hard to develop and make more useful for you.

SHUgo 2.0 screenshot - black background with nicer buttons

New SHUgo look, designed by students!

SHUgo 2.0 is available in the Apple App Store right now and should be in the Android Market in the next week. There is a new look to the app, with a black background and sleek buttons which were designed by three students at the University as part of a student competition to design the SHUgo interface. The new version fixes a bug where some users could not access their Blackboard sites inside the app.  We apologise this took so long to fix.

Feature wise we have added in quick access to your email and your google calendar. We are currently developing the capability to synchronise your timetable with your google calendar. As soon as this is working you’ll be able to access your timetable through SHUgo (in the My Schedule section).  We know this is something many students want as it is the most popular feature request we’ve had for SHUgo, so we are working hard to make it happen.

We know that many students want to be able to get their Blackboard site grades via SHUgo.  This might be possible starting next summer, but it won’t be available before then unfortunately.  We apologise but there are some technical compatibilities we need to sort out first.

QR Code for iOS

QR Code for iOS

Unfortunately there have been difficulties in developing the Blackberry version of SHUgo and we are unclear when those can be resolved. There are some differences with the Blackberry operating system which means we can’t embed most of the features like maps or Blackboard sites directly into the app yet. You can however download the Blackboard mobile app for free and start accessing your Blackboard sites immediately on your Blackberry, without the rest of SHUgo.

See the SHUgo FAQ for more info

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