shuspace has changed!!

We’ve just made the first (and most obvious) of some changes to shuspace – if you were a student at Sheffield Hallam last year you’ll notice that the interface looks a bit different: there are some new tabs which bring together essential information about Learning, University Life and planning your future. They are designed in a way that highlights services and key information – but that also give you direct links to commonly used information.

A screenshot of the Have you seen... channel in shuspace, which lists some of the changes and has some key news informationYou can get a tour of the new interface by logging into shuspace, and looking for the Have You Seen channel on that first page (the My SHU tab)- you’ll find some FAQs and a screencast introducing the changes.  Even if you’re brand new to Sheffield Hallam, you’ll still find this useful.

Over the next few months we’ll be making some more changes, this time to the information pages in shuspace. They will be clearer, more purposeful and it will be much easier to navigate or search to find what you need. This work will all be done by September 2012, so please bear with us! We will be asking for your feedback on the changes, so keep an eye out for ways to contribute and feed back.

Coming soon there will be screencasts on how to personalise your shuspace, and how to find the information you need.

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