Logging into shuspace and Blackboard at Sheffield Hallam

So while this seems to be a fairly simple topic for the blog, I thought it was worth doing as it is proving to be one of the most searched for terms in reaching the blog on the Internet.  Your Blackboard sites are accessed through shuspace, the University portal. shuspace contains links to other relevant information as well, including timetable, library information, email, and support information.  However your Blackboard sites are where the primary learning activities for your modules are located.

Currently, if you try accessing Blackboard via the old URLs (blackboard.shu.ac.uk and my.shu.ac.uk) you may receive an error which talks about an invalid security certificate.  These URLs have not been used for the past few years so you will now get this error when you first reach them.  Rest assured that blackboard does not actually have a security problem. You are only seeing this error due to using the wrong URL.

We recommend using the up-to-date URL of http://shuspace.shu.ac.uk to avoid any errors.  This will probably mean changing any bookmarks (favourites) you have set on your computer so they point to the correct location.  You can login to shuspace with your University login, which is the same one you use to login to University computers and your email.

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