Where’d all the posts go?

Sunset over buildings in Sheffield

Summer Sunset in Sheffield HDR by Qi-Guang

So if you’ve been reading the blog, you may have noticed we haven’t had a post in the last month, which is quite unusual.  We apologise for this, but the reason why is that the main editor and author was a student employee, who has now graduated and gotten a new full-time job.

We hope to hire another student e-learning assistant in September who can take over the blog and contribute more articles (hopefully getting more students engaged as well).

In the meantime, if you have an idea for an article (or even the whole text of an article you’d like published, with credit of course) then please submit it to us temporary editors via the Suggestions button: http://shutech.wordpress.com/suggestions/

We’ll also be adding a couple of posts during the summer to keep the blog moving along in the meantime. Thanks for your patience and have a great summer!

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