Create surveys using Google Docs

Most students will need to conduct a survey as part of their final year project or dissertation. Making your survey available online can invite responses from a much wider audience. One way to approach this is to use SHU Google Docs.

All SHU students have access to SHU Google Docs as part of the SHU Google Apps suite. Find out more about the SHU Google Apps.

To use surveys in SHU Google Docs you must first create something called a form. This is a page that people will visit to complete your survey. An easy to use form designer is available, so you don’t need to know any programming languages.

Form Designer

Form Designer

Once you’ve created your form you can give the address out – for example, by sending out an e-mail to potential respondents. Accessing the responses to your survey is easy – just go to your SHU Google Docs list and click on the name of your survey. The results will be presented as a spreadsheet – you can download this and open it in Excel if you want.

For more information, including step by step instructions, please visit the Google Docs help centre or search on shuspace for ‘Google Docs’.

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