What is a mobile app?

SHUGo Mobile App

SHUGo Mobile App

Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablet computers, have become almost ubiquitous. A mobile ‘app’ is a piece of software designed to run on a particular type of mobile device.

Mobile apps usually add some form of additional functionality to your device. There are apps to organise your diary, check the weather, play games, view the periodic table, search for information, identify a song you heard, figure out your location, make a blog post, etc.  In fact there are hundreds of thousands of apps available, with the number steadily growing.  Some are free and you have to pay for others.

Many mobile apps are built around the immediate needs of the user, helping them get the information they need whenever they need it as fast as they can.  Others apps take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of smartphones by allowing the recording, display and manipulation of different media.

Due to the small screen sizes, most mobile apps have simple interfaces, and take advantage of touchscreen technology to allow you to intuitively use the application.

There are many apps which can help with your studies, from applications that help you to find references through to revision flash card apps. Sheffield Hallam University even has its own mobile app – SHUGo.

SHUGo is a free mobile campus app that brings university life to smartphones and mobile devices. You can find out more about SHUGo on shuspace.

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