What is a wiki?

Wiki Revisions

Wiki Revisions

Imagine a whiteboard with a few notes written on it. Anyone can walk up to the whiteboard and add additional notes, modify the existing ones or even erase them. A wiki works on exactly the same concept, except it uses web pages instead of whiteboards.

Wikis have grown in popularity since the early 2000s, largely thanks to Wikipedia, one of the most famous examples of a wiki.  Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

A wiki can be edited quickly and easily – no knowledge of web languages, such as HTML, is usually required. Many wikis are open to the public; others require users to be registered. You can add new pages to a wiki, or edit existing ones. Most wikis also allow you to add audio, video, images and links to other websites.

Multiple people can work on a wiki collaboratively. Wikis remember all of the changes that have been made to them, so it is easy to judge who has contributed what to a wiki and undo any mistakes in the wiki.

You may use wikis via Blackboard as part of your university course. These wikis work in a similar way to most other wikis, except they are usually only available to people studying on the same module as you. For more information on using these wikis visit http://bb-help.shu.ac.uk.

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