Access your homespace on your own computer

When you are using a Sheffield Hallam University managed desktop computer you can access your homespace by going to “My Computer” and double clicking on the “F:” drive.

If you have internet access and a compatible computer then you can also access your homespace from off-campus, or on your own laptop when you’re using the SHU wireless network, by using something called FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Connecting to your homespace is simple. Open up a web browser and type in: ftp://<yourlogincode>

But make sure to substitute yourlogincode for your login number for the university’s network (the one you use to access your emails). This should then take you to a login box, where you need to access your number again, and usual password.

If you have any problems, or for more information on how to connect, please search for ‘homespace’ in shuspace.

FTP to homespace

FTP to homespace

A few quick tips for working on your homespace via FTP:

  • Looking for your “My Documents” folder? It’s located in your homespace but it has a different name – “MyWork”.
  • You might see some files you don’t recognise that begin with a full stop (e.g. “.forward”). These are system files – just ignore them.
  • Working directly from FTP can result in very slow loading and saving. You might want to copy the file(s) you are working on to your computer, edit them there, and then copy it back.


For information on how to use the new system, read our article Changes to accessing your homespace remotely.

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  6. What would be even more useful is being about to access our SHU computer space from home… Is this possible or a possibility in the future?

    • Hi Liam. Thanks for your comment. This article describes how you can access all the files you’ve saved on SHU computers (F drive), from home. If you’ve trying to do this and are having trouble you should contact IT Help, but following the instructions in this post usually works! Is that what you meant or are you trying to do something else?

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