Career, Development & Wellbeing

As part your review discussion it is important to consider your career development and your wellbeing at work. Use the following questions to help form your thinking and record your thoughts in section 3 of the PDR form:

What could I consider?

  • What are your core strengths? How can you build on these?

  • What do you feel you are effective at/making a significant contribution to? How can you develop this further?

  • What have you done well that you can share with others? What new skills/expertise can you share with others?

  • What aspects of your current role do you particularly enjoy?

  • What are your thoughts on your future career plans? How has your development this year supported your career development?

  • Where would you like to be in your career in a year, and longer term? What would you need to improve to achieve your career goal? What additional skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours do you need to develop to get there?
  • What opportunities for your development have you identified that you feel you can contribute to?

  • What projects or business areas interest you or use your strengths? How can you find out more?

  • How do you ensure that the staff you manage are effectively supported and developed? Is there anything you need support with?

  • How has your wellbeing been over the last year?

  • How are you feeling at the moment from a wellbeing perspective?
  • For more detailed guidance to support the career element of the conversation please access the career and development conversation guide here

    Further support for staff wellbeing can be accessed here

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