Demonstrating your achievements against your previous years objectives

It is important to consider that your experiences, individual contribution and achievements have an impact at an individual, team, faculty/directorate and university level. Remember you will have also been reflecting on your performance and development throughout the year (please refer to section 2 of the form):

  • What areas of work have you particularly enjoyed /are you most proud of, and why?
  • What have been your main achievements, how have you achieved these and what do you think the impact has been/what difference have you made?
  • Which strategy pillar(s) do your achievements support? How do they support the strategy? What is your evidence?
  • What challenges have you faced and did you overcome them? If so, how? If not, what support might you require going forward?
  • What types of work have you found difficult, and why?
  • What capabilities/behaviours have you demonstrated most effectively? What areas would you like to improve and how might you do this?
  • What might you do differently in the future?
  • Have you been involved in any external activity? What skills/knowledge have you developed? Has this had any impact on your role?

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