Career Development Toolkit

Whether you’re wishing to identify the next step in your career, navigate the process of applying for jobs, or explore the career development opportunities that are open to you, this page is designed to signpost you to the guidance and resources available at SHU.

Career Planning

In order to make the right career decisions, it’s important to be clear about your strengths, values, skills and aspirations.A good place to start is the “Career and Development Conversation Guide“.

Within this guide there is signposting to the video ‘Taking Charge of your career’  on Linkedin Learning (available to all staff here). This 45-minute video takes you through the process of career planning, helping you to identify your skills and evaluate your potential career paths via a comprehensive workbook-based activity.

Skills Development

If you have identified skills gaps in your CV, consider what training/development opportunities you need to fill these. There are a range of development opportunities available on the HROD intranet pages -and Linkedin Learning hosts e-learning modules on a range of IT and generalist skills.

Also consider what work-based learning you can undertake to meet some of these gaps and speak to your line manager about what you can do to plug these gaps.

Capabilities Framework

The new Professional Services Capabilities Framework indicates the skills/experience needed for different grade roles at SHU. 

The Capability Framework: Development Support page offers guidance on different development opportunities mapped against the framework.

Reflective Activities
These activities are designed to help you reflect on your skills, experiences and capabilities.

Self-Reflective Questions

Roundabout Activity

Career Anchors
It doesn’t matter what role you are in,career anchors can help you identify and understand what you are good at, what motivates you and your values.

Online career anchor questionnaire
(free to complete).

Career Anchors (self-reflective hand-out)

HROD have a limited supply of Career Anchors workbooks for individuals to complete. To access a copy, contact the HROD Advisory Team on x4264.


“A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge with someone who is less experienced in a relationship mutual of trust” Clutterbuck 2004

If you’re wishing to undertake some broader career planning, the University has a comprehensive mentoring scheme in place which can help you to identify your career goals. For more information, visit the University’s Mentoring Scheme..

 Becoming a mentor yourself is also a great way of giving something back and developing your own management experience.

  Applying for jobs

Workfriend is an online portal designed to support you with your career. It includes:

  • Interactive tools – (e.g. mock interview simulations)
  • Personalised action planning (to help you reach your career goals)
  • Preparation support for interviews (Hints, tips and advice)
  • Practice questions (videos, advice and mock questions to try)

How do I get access to it?
Please email your full name and SHU email address to the HROD Advisory Team
Once you have a license, it will be valid for 3 months.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development have prepared some guidance on ‘Applying for roles’ and ‘Succeeding at interviews‘.