Capability Framework: Development Support

This site aims to support all professional services staff. It may be used as guidance to new starters or “new to role” employees / managers, support long term careers aspirations or offer targeted development identified through 1-2-1’s or the PDR process.

All development support is structured using the “70/20/10” learning approach and is a widely used learning and development model*. The “70/20/10” ratios are an indication of the proportion of time someone might spend on each type of learning to get the most from their development.

Learning through experience: On the job (70%)

This is often regarded as the most beneficial as it enables you to put your knowledge into practice and embed learning.

Learning from others: Near the job (20%)

It’s about how we share our knowledge and experiences with others and also how we learn from them.

Training Opportunities: Off the job (10%)

This covers all forms of formal courses, workshops and learning programmes.

All development support is mapped under each area of the Capabilities Framework. Click on a capability to find out what development support is available.
(any development undertaken, you can record in the “Career, Professional & Development Aspirations” section  of your Performance & Development Review form.

For development on Leadership & Management please click here.

Managing Self and Leading Others

Delivering Customer Service

Communicating and Engaging

Working Collaboratively

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Thinking Commercially

Maximising Digital and Technological Potential


Taking Evidence Based Decisions

Delivering Results

*Lombardo, Michael M; Eichinger, Robert W (1996). The Career Architect Development Planner (1st ed.). Minneapolis: Lominger