The Benefits of the Performance & Development Review

The Performance & Development Review offers benefits to both the University and the individual:

For Sheffield Hallam it is the opportunity to:For the individual it is the opportunity to:
• Recognise individual achievements, aspirations and discuss any areas of challenge for the individual• Identify and share your achievements, successes, aspirations and challenges with someone who can guide and support you
• Improve the University's future performance by helping enhance individual contribution and motivation• Review how you will develop your contribution and meet future expectations
• Connect the four strategic pillars of the University with the work of individuals, to ensure they are achieved• Demonstrate how you have contributed to the strategic aims of the University
• Agree work objectives that fulfil University needs and also support career aspirations • Agree work and professional development objectives that contribute to your career aims as well as our future excellence
• Identify and develop talent to enable us to retain effectively performing individuals • Identify the support and resources you need to help you develop and realise more of your potential