Performance & Development Review – An Overview

Following on from the changes to the PDR process  last year and feedback from across the University, the amended PDR form and format will remain in place for this years PDR (2021-2022).

Less formal preparation is required prior to the PDR meeting and there is a greater emphasis on staff wellbeing. Although we expect objectives to be agreed and set, we also expect them to be regularly reviewed and where necessary adapted. All PDRs must be completed by the end of September 2021.

The guidance for this year’s PDR process has been embedded within the PDR forms. Please see below:

PDR Form and Guidance – Professional Services Staff

PDR Form and Guidance – Academic Staff

Understanding and Recognising Your Commitment

We want our employees to understand how their individual role supports the University’s strategic aims and recognise the commitment individuals make towards achieving those aims. We want to retain our talented staff and developed shared expertise. The review process is one way of facilitating this.

Defining the Purpose of the Performance & Development Review

The review is a formal meeting to conclude the annual review cycle which consists of regular meetings between an employee and their line manager. The conversation centres around three themes: (1) it provides an opportunity to review if objectives have been achieved and to summarise activities, performance, achievements and developments over the past year; (2) to agree new or revised individual objectives for the coming year and to consider how those objectives will be accomplished; (3) to discuss development both in terms of support for achieving objectives in the short term, as well as support an individual’s future career aspirations. The performance and development review offers benefits to both the university and the individual and these are outlined here

This toolkit provides specific resources to encourage effective review discussions for both academic and professional services staff.

Support for Academic ColleaguesSupport for Professional Services Colleagues

Support for Academic Colleagues

Support for Professional Services Colleagues