As Sherlock would say…

silent quoteIt’s exam time for many of you and we’d like to remind you about the best areas to study if like Sherlock to need a bit of peace and quiet to concentrate…

Everyone likes a different environment and if you happen to be one of those that cherishes the silence – here are the best places to study…

At Adsetts

There is a silent study room on level 2 or there’s a quiet study room on level 4

At Collegiate library

The silent study room is on the first floor, you’ll find it to your left in the quiet study room. There is another quiet study room on the ground floor in the foyer area too

Please help us to keep the silent areas silent – it really is crucial for some!

If you need to report a disturbance between 9am – 5pm you can do this online via chat. Library staff will alert security staff who will come and walk round the reported area. From 5pm to 9am (and at any other times if you prefer), please tell security staff at the Reception desks about any disturbances, again they will come and have a walk round or talk to anyone as necessary.


Meet Toni!

She’s one of our team of new ‘roving’ staff already helping students! roving

From Monday 31 October, we’re trialling a new roving service available on our library floors until the end of semester one.

At Adsetts the team will be out and about on level 4 and at Collegiate they will be working on the ground floor and first floor.

They can support a range of services including

  • your library questions
  • self-service – issue/return and print top up machines
  • library gateway/catalogue including directing more complex queries to the Helpdesk
  • printing and photocopying
  • directional queries
  • MyPC bookings

So if you’re stuck at a printer, can’t locate that book, need help booking a pc etc – keep a look out for them!

We’ll let you know how the trial goes.

Our 3 step guide to getting exam ready!

1. How can I prepare?

There are Exam Success workshops throughout April as well as bitsize exam preparation sessions, find out more here, from the 18th – 22nd  April which include

  • Get exam ready
  • Short essays for examsBridge Logo lo-res
  • Exam wellbeing drop in
  • How to make revision notes
  • Exam wellbeing
  • Memory tips for exams

2. Where are the best places to study?

If it’s peace and quiet your after there are a variety of places in both libraries

In Adsetts definition 1

  • Silent study room, level 2
  • Quiet study area, level 2
  • Quiet study room, level 4

In Collegiate

  • Silent study room, first floor
  • Quiet study room, first floor
  • Quiet study room, ground floor

3. Make sure you know before you go!



Find out what ID you need, what you can take into exams, venues locations and lots more – it’s all here on shuspace

What you can get help with and where…

There are a variety of ways you can get help whether you’re at home, on placement, live outside Sheffield, or even upstairs in the library!

What… can you ask us about?

  • borrowing from libraries and your borrower accounts
  • logging in and using SHU IT systems
  • using Microsoft Office software
  • printing, copying and scanning
  • finding and using materials for your assignments
  • referencing
  • using library services and facilities eg booking PCs and group spaces
  • referrals to other and specialist services

Where… you can go to get help!

  • chat – useful at home, on placement, if you live at a distance, or even in the library

Chat for library support (including supporting users of IT systems and equipment in libraries) 24/7/365 – with our staff during daylight hours and university library colleagues in the US overnight

Chat for IT support 9am – 5pm Mon – Fri

  • Helpdesks



If you’re in Adsetts or Collegiate, check out the library Helpdesk – opening hours on shuspace.


simon help point


There are also IT Help Points located in Harmer and the Atrium at Heart of the Campus – opening hours are 8.45am-4.45pm (from 10am Weds).


Don’t get stuck – ask us!

Coming soon – A brand new Skills Hub at the Adsetts Centre

This month, the area above the café in the Adsetts Library is being transformed into a Skills Hub, a centre for skills support and advice.

In order to get this work done, we have closed the space for the whole of December.

You can st20151202_094736_resizedill access the Visual Resources Room until 7th December, using the stairs at the rear of the café ( next to the Costa machine ). However, this service will be moving down to level 3 on 8th December and will reopen on 9th December in room 3.05. The filing cabinets containing the slide collection, have moved to The Stack on level 1.

Building work will start early next week, once the area has been cleared, and we hope to have this new vibrant learning space open ready for the New Year.




Shhh…in some places

Lots of people have told us they want to work in peace and quiet, so we’ve dedicated some areas of the learning centres to quiet and silent study.  The idea is that these are individual study spaces, not for group work, perfect for when you’re revising or concentrating on an essay.

Quiet study – it’s ok to whisper if you need to but keep it brief.  Adsetts quiet study areas are on levels 2 and 4.  Collegiate Learning Centre has quiet study on the first floor.

Quiet area poster

Silent study – if you need to talk, go somewhere else!  Silent study is on the first floor at Collegiate and on level 2 at Adsetts.

Silent area poster

Please keep your phone on silent in both quiet and silent study.  We’ve got members of staff called Quiet Monitors and they’ll ask anyone who’s being too noisy to be quiet, but it’s mostly up to everyone working in each area to keep it at the noise level they want.

Don’t worry if you need a bit of background buzz to work – there are plenty of areas in the learning centres that aren’t quiet or silent.

Group area poster

For more information about study spaces in the learning centres, see the ‘What study spaces are available?‘ page on shuspace.

Book a PC or meeting room

The learning centres can get very busy at times and it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find a room for your group meeting or even a free PC.

mypcBut you can avoid this frustration by using the MyPC booking system to guarantee that you have the room or PC that you need when you need it.

You can book a resource up to 10 days in advance, for up to 5 hours per day.

And it’s not just standard PCs and meeting rooms that are available. You can also book ATR PCs, Bloomberg PCs, group booths, scanners, PCs with specialist software, and video viewing machines.

Note. Apple Macs are not currently bookable via MyPC due to a compatibility issue but we hope to have this service available soon.

Student Involvement Group

For more details, see How do I book a PC or meeting room? on shuspace.