Printing at the Print Shop

Please be aware that this means that the Print Shop will be out of action during this period and if you have any printing requirements this week, these need to be arranged with the Print Shop by the morning of Thursday 29 June at the very latest.

Any printing ordered after this time will not be able to be done until the new machinery is installed. The service is expected to resume from 4 July onwards.

If you have any questions please contact or call 0114 225 4763

Help during the summer



Both library Helpdesks will be open throughout the summer as well as other usual channels – see details in shuspace

IT help points on level 4 of the Atrium and the ground floor at Heart of the Campus will close at 4.45pm on Friday 26th May.

Both help points will then remain closed until early September. (Date to be confirmed)

All other IT support channels are available as usual over the summer. See shuspace for details

New £1 coins!

background-20050__340The new £1 coins have been released – and the old ones will be gradually phased out

Our print top-up kiosks are still set to take the old coins at the moment but we are working to update them.

In the meantime if you’ve only got a new £1 coin you can exchange it for an old one at the Helpdesk or Reception.

Do you know you can also pay for your printing online? Everyone has IT account set up so that you pay for printing and photocopying via a system called Papercut. Here’s how to activate your account…

  1. Top up your SHUcard – if you haven’t done this before you’ll need to ‘add payment method’ (so register a bank card). You only need to do this once.
  2. Transfer the money on your SHUcard to pay for your printing

By using the SHUgo app you can pay via your phone too

PS the vending machines are ready to take the new £1 coins!

Keep track of your borrowing with My Library Account

If you can’t remember what you have on loan or when things are due back, have a look on My Library Account.  Go to the Library Gateway and click on the ‘My Library Account’ link in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.

My Library Account

If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, click on the menu button to get to the link.

Library Gateway mobile menu

You’ll be asked to sign in, so use your University username and password.  It’s the same details you use to log into shuspace or a University PC.

After that, you’ll be in My Library Account and you can go into the different areas to see information related to your borrowing.

My Library Account areas

Loans – all the library books, DVDs, and other things you have on loan will be listed alongside their due dates.  Items will renew automatically but not if someone else requests them, so it’s a good idea to check My Library Account regularly.  You will get an email to your University account as well if someone requests an item and it won’t be renewed.  Some things aren’t renewable at all, like laptops and Document Supply books.

Requests – if you’ve made any requests, you can see them here with information about whether they’re ready for you to collect.  There’s also an option to cancel a request that you don’t need any more, which will take you out of the queue and make sure it’s passed along to the next person who requested it.

Fines and fees – hopefully, you won’t be using this area very often!  You can see a list of any fines and pay them from here as well.

You might find these shuspace pages useful:


Are you feeling exam ready?

3571102858_54d5b5f58c_zHave you started to prepare for your exams? 

Would you like some handy tips to get you going?

Look no further, we can help get you started here…

  • How do you like to study – in slience? Which library? Do you prefer to be warmer or cooler?

Take a look at the library study options available as well as topics on the ‘you say, we say’ pages on the ‘have your say’ site

Top tip – if you’re studying in a silent or quiet areas and you have ‘noisy neighbours’ you can report disturbances from Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm via library chat

Comments are passed to security who will go and walk round the reported area and talk to anyone if necessary.

Between 5pm and 9am and weekends (and any other time if you prefer), please report directly to security staff at Reception desks. They are available 24/7


  • Are you likely to study overnight?

You need food for the brain and plenty of hydration! There are water fountains situated on each floor of Adsetts and on the ground floor at Collegiate. There are new vending machines in both libraries or remember to bring your own snacks.

Top tip – fill up your drinks containers or top up snacks for free, there’s hot water available 24/7 in café areas.


  • Need to brush up on your exam skills – on your own or with others?

Here are the top 10 exam tips! on the Bridge

Check out the Exam Resources on the Bridge

Top tip – want more? Try the brand new Exam and Revision workshop – you can book via the Bridge booking page


  • Know where you’re going and what you need?

Top tip find out all you need to know on the Exam Information page on shuspace


  • Finally – remember to take a break!

Health, happiness and academic success are all linked so it’s very important to look after yourself. Healthy Hallam explains the 5 ways to wellbeing

Top tips – when we asked students to share their thoughts on how to cope during stressful times, here’s what they said…

‘keep calm and utilise the universities resources’

‘always talk to someone if you feel you can’t cope with work’

‘manage your time well and make sure you still have some fun’

‘set time aside to de-stress’

‘allow time for yourself, mental health is really important’


Not a Chrome coloured book but…

We thought we’d make it super obvious where the Chromebooks are located in the libraries!
In Adsetts – you’ll find them on level 3 near the main stairs

chromebook 3








At Collegiate – they’re in the main room C001 on the ground floor (on your left as you walk in)


Pick up a Chromebook today and let us know what you think.

More info on using them can be found on shuspace.


Borrow a Chromebook!

keyboard-943748__340We understand the pressures of trying to find free PCs during busy periods. To help manage this we’re trialling a new service where you can borrow a Chromebook while you’re studying in the library.

The new Chromebook loan service starts 

11.30am Monday 13 February

You’ll find them

At Adsetts – near the main stairs on level 3

At Collegiate – in the main room on the ground floor C001

Chromebooks are different to traditional laptops and many students find them better for studying than laptops or PCs. They’re faster connecting to the internet, working with files online and also have a longer battery life.They can be used for printing in the University and will work with USB memory sticks.

They are great devices for many types of work but don’t contain the full suite of  software and can’t be taken out of the library.

Advantages of Chromebooks

  • faster start up times (there’s no Chromebook-image-2software installed – all applications work in the cloud)
  • 8 hour battery life
  • saving happens automatically so you won’t lose your work if something happens to the computer and you don’t need to use a memory stick to store files
  • you can easily pick up where you left off working if you change to another device
  • you’ll be able to use the Office 365 Online Apps (like Word, Excel, OneNote and OneDrive) and your SHU Google Apps as well as other cloud-based software
  • easy access to shuspace/blackboard and the Library Gateway

Advantages of laptops

  • there’s more software installed and you can use AppHub
  • laptops have the full version of Microsoft Office installed which supports more features than the online version
  • better for complex documents which include equations, graphics etc
  • you can take them out of the library (Chromebooks need to stay in the library)
  • you can borrow some laptops for up to 7 days

More information about the Chromebook loan service

Give them a try and tell us what you think!

Take the Library with you


As a Sheffield Hallam student, you can still use the University’s library resources no matter where you are in the world (as long as you have internet connection, that is).

To make sure you can get access to electronic books, journal articles, and more, the best place to start is shuspace.  Go to and log in using your University username and password, then click on the Library Gateway link at the top of the screen.

Link on shuspace

A new window will pop up.  Click on ‘Login as SHU students and staff’, that will give you access to all of our library resources.

Library Gateway login options

Finally, the Library Gateway will open, with Library Search and all the other features you’re used to when you’re working on campus.

Arrrgh it won’t work!

If you’ve followed the steps above and still can’t get access to something, try repeating the same steps but in a different browser.  The Library Gateway works in most browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.  We’ve noticed a few problems with Edge so best not use that.

If you’re stuck, get in touch.  Click on the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the Library Gateway to see the different ways you can reach us.  If you’re telling us about library resources that you can’t access, we’ll need to know:

  • as much information about it as possible – title, author, date of publication, etc
  • the web address of the page you were on when you got stuck (copy it from the browser address bar and paste it into email or chat)
  • who you are so we can help you – make sure you tell us your full name and student number (it’s on your SHUcard).

Topping up your print account

So, you’re in the library and you need to print – here are your options

Option 1 – transfer money from your SHUcard – recommended anytime

Your SHUcard is key to your student life, with it you can access the libraries, borrow books and laptops, automatically log into a printer, attend exams etc. You PrintTopUp2014can also add money to your SHUcard to go ‘cashless’.

Once you’ve got money on your SHUcard you can spend it in various ways at cafes, uni shops or you can transfer it to your ‘printing account’ (Papercut)

  • Login to
  • Click Secure Top Up’
  • Select Transfer to Papercut’ from the drop down at the top of the page. This will change the page and grey out the CVV field.
  • Choose the amount or click Other’ and enter an amount (£1 minimum) then press ‘Transfer Now’
  • Click ‘OK’ in the confirmation box then click Home
  • Click the ‘amount box’ in the top right of the screen to view a summary of the balances in your different purses – Cash, Club card, or Papercut

Option 2 – is to log into a Print top-up machine – recommended anytime

  • in Adsetts – these are located on the left hand side of the café area on level 4
  • in Collegiate library – there’s one in the main room on the ground floor as well as the top of the first floor stairs

Option 3 – at a library Helpdeskduring staffed hours

  • credit your print account by cash or debit/credit card

Are you heading home?



If you’re leaving uni for the summer or have finished your course – here’s what you need to know!




Do the libraries close over the summer? No! We’re open every day of the year 24/7/365! Just remember your SHUcard. And if you need help we’ve got that covered too… You’ll find Helpdesk opening hours and the different ways you can get in touch here. If you need help with your academic skills here’s the weekly schedule for The Bridge – it’s above the café in Adsetts.

Where can I access to books over the vacation? Are you going home for the summer or if you live in Sheffield – do you have friends at other unis that are coming back to Sheffield for the vacation?

Then SCONUL Access might be the answer. It’s a scheme which allows many university students to borrow books or use books at other libraries in the scheme across the country. Find out more on the SCONUL Access site.

If friends are visiting you in Sheffield they may find our library visitor guide useful.

Can I connect to WiFi? Are you planning on visiting another institution over the summer – or have friends from other unis wanting to use our libraries?

Eduroam could be the answer. Check out participating universities and how to connect here

My course has finished, what happens to my IT account? You can continue to access IT facilities until 31st July or until the Faculty Office notifies us you have completed – which ever is sooner. Here’s what you need to know

You may also be interested in exporting your contacts from your university email – here’s how

And finally there’s Alumni Connect – read about the benefits here

Have a great summer everyone!