New £1 coins!

background-20050__340The new £1 coins have been released – and the old ones will be gradually phased out

Our print top-up kiosks are still set to take the old coins at the moment but we are working to update them.

In the meantime if you’ve only got a new £1 coin you can exchange it for an old one at the Helpdesk or Reception.

Do you know you can also pay for your printing online? Everyone has IT account set up so that you pay for printing and photocopying via a system called Papercut. Here’s how to activate your account…

  1. Top up your SHUcard – if you haven’t done this before you’ll need to ‘add payment method’ (so register a bank card). You only need to do this once.
  2. Transfer the money on your SHUcard to pay for your printing

By using the SHUgo app you can pay via your phone too

PS the vending machines are ready to take the new £1 coins!

Topping up your print account

So, you’re in the library and you need to print – here are your options

Option 1 – transfer money from your SHUcard – recommended anytime

Your SHUcard is key to your student life, with it you can access the libraries, borrow books and laptops, automatically log into a printer, attend exams etc. You PrintTopUp2014can also add money to your SHUcard to go ‘cashless’.

Once you’ve got money on your SHUcard you can spend it in various ways at cafes, uni shops or you can transfer it to your ‘printing account’ (Papercut)

  • Login to
  • Click Secure Top Up’
  • Select Transfer to Papercut’ from the drop down at the top of the page. This will change the page and grey out the CVV field.
  • Choose the amount or click Other’ and enter an amount (£1 minimum) then press ‘Transfer Now’
  • Click ‘OK’ in the confirmation box then click Home
  • Click the ‘amount box’ in the top right of the screen to view a summary of the balances in your different purses – Cash, Club card, or Papercut

Option 2 – is to log into a Print top-up machine – recommended anytime

  • in Adsetts – these are located on the left hand side of the café area on level 4
  • in Collegiate library – there’s one in the main room on the ground floor as well as the top of the first floor stairs

Option 3 – at a library Helpdeskduring staffed hours

  • credit your print account by cash or debit/credit card

Weekends in the libraries

We’re making some changes at weekends from 1st August  – here’s what you need to know

  • Adsetts and Collegiate libraries are open 24/7/365 – and yes, that means Christmas day too!24hr-opening-2015
  • security staff are available at both Reception desks. At Adsetts this is just inside the main entrance on level 4 and at Collegiate it’s just inside the main doors on the ground floor
  • you’ll need to remember your SHU card for entry (and exit at Adsetts), printing and borrowing

And if you need a helping handbomgar

  • library chat is available 24/7 – you’ll find a link on your desktop, on shuspace and the Library Gateway (in the top right corner)
  • you can phone 0114 2253333 24/7
  • look on shuspace or email
  • Helpdesks are open Monday – Friday

As a result of your comments the grace period for returning books has increased from 3 days to 5 days (this includes weekends). Read more here

Are you heading home?



If you’re leaving uni for the summer or have finished your course – here’s what you need to know!




Do the libraries close over the summer? No! We’re open every day of the year 24/7/365! Just remember your SHUcard. And if you need help we’ve got that covered too… You’ll find Helpdesk opening hours and the different ways you can get in touch here. If you need help with your academic skills here’s the weekly schedule for The Bridge – it’s above the café in Adsetts.

Where can I access to books over the vacation? Are you going home for the summer or if you live in Sheffield – do you have friends at other unis that are coming back to Sheffield for the vacation?

Then SCONUL Access might be the answer. It’s a scheme which allows many university students to borrow books or use books at other libraries in the scheme across the country. Find out more on the SCONUL Access site.

If friends are visiting you in Sheffield they may find our library visitor guide useful.

Can I connect to WiFi? Are you planning on visiting another institution over the summer – or have friends from other unis wanting to use our libraries?

Eduroam could be the answer. Check out participating universities and how to connect here

My course has finished, what happens to my IT account? You can continue to access IT facilities until 31st July or until the Faculty Office notifies us you have completed – which ever is sooner. Here’s what you need to know

You may also be interested in exporting your contacts from your university email – here’s how

And finally there’s Alumni Connect – read about the benefits here

Have a great summer everyone!

I need to use the library, but I’ve forgotten my SHUcard!

day pass kiosk

There’s a new quick and easy solution at hand…

It’s the new self-service Day Pass Kiosks. You’ll find one in the entrance of each library, which you can start using from Monday 7th March.

We’re introducing the kiosks to save you time queuing up at Reception for a day pass – if you’ve forgotten your SHUcard!

Just type in your username and password and follow the on screen instructions to get your pass. You can then use it to swipe in and out at Adsetts and in at Collegiate library for the next 24 hours.

What you need to know

  • the day pass is just for access to the library for the next 24 hours and can’t be used to borrow books, collect reserved books or borrow a self service laptop (24hrs starts when you issue your day pass)
  • it’s also a temporary replacement for your SHUcard and your SHUcard will be blocked by the library until the day pass expires in 24 hours (24hrs starts when you issue your day pass)
  • day passes are limited to five per term so only get one if you really have to!
  • if you’ve lost your SHUcard you can get a replacement from the Main Reception at Howard Street or Reception at Heart of the Campus

If you have any problems using the kiosks just ask at Reception or the Helpdesk for advice.

Countdown to Christmas no. 2 – remember your SHUcard

Add print credit online

We won’t be here after 5pm on Thursday, but you can still get into the libraries as normal using your SHUcard and the security guards will be here to keep an eye on things.

With your SHUcard, you’ll be able to borrow books and DVDs using the self-service machines as well.

Help us spread the word – follow and retweet our countdown messages @shu_library on Twitter. The first person to retweet each day can win one of 12 goodie bags and they’re ready to go…


Swipe in and swipe out!

shucard swipe in and out LANDSOver the summer we have installed new exit gates at the Adsetts Library. Our libraries are safe and secure places to meet and study and these new gates are designed to enhance this as they let us know who is in the building at all times. They also let us know at a glance how many people are in the library so we can see when our busy times are and target our resources to improve the service.

The same gates will be installed at Collegiate at a later date as part of a project to refurbish the whole of the Foyer and entrance area in the library.

From Monday 5 October you will need to swipe your SHUcard when you leave the Adsetts library, in exactly the same way as you do to enter it. So please have your card at the ready when you need to leave.

We’d love to hear your comments about this new development. Contact us and have your say.

5 things you need to know

5 things you need to know

Lots of people are new at Sheffield Hallam and just starting to use the learning centres. Here are five things to get you started:

  • Where? Adsetts Learning Centre is at City Campus, just off Arundel Gate, and Collegiate Learning Centre is at Collegiate Campus next to Collegiate Crescent. If you’d some help finding us, have a look at the campus maps.
  • When? We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • What do I need? Your SHUcard – please bring it with you to get into the learning centres and borrow books and other things.
  • Where can I work? That depends on you. We’ve got quiet and silent study areas, individual PCs where you can work on your own, and group rooms. Both learning centres have a cafe as well for when you need to take a break.
  • Where can I get help? If you’ve got a question about borrowing books, connecting to wi-fi, printing or anything else library or IT-related, come along to the Helpdesk. Adsetts Helpdesk is in the middle of Level 4 and Collegiate Helpdesk is on the ground floor, next to the entrance.

You can contact us by phone on 0114 2253333 and by email at, and we’re @shu_library on Twitter. See you soon!

All-in-one printing in Adsetts

Those of you who use Collegiate Learning Centre will know that we’ve had the all-in-one printers for black & white and colour printing there for a while.  Well, it’s the same at Adsetts now and you can do everything on the all-in-one printers.

Photo credit: Sheffield Hallam University

To print, all you need to do is

  • choose whether you want ‘Colour’ or ‘Black and white’ printing in the Print menu of whichever program you’re using, and click Print
  • use your SHUcard to log in to any of the all-in-one printers – they’re on every level of the learning centres
  • release the print job and your work will print out

We’ll be putting two new all-in-one printers in Adsetts cafe as well, so there’ll be more places to print than ever.

For more detailed instructions on how to print, have a look on shuspace or ask at the learning centre Helpdesk.

Studying over the Christmas holidays?

If you’re planning to study during Christmas and the New Year here are a few things snowflakeyou’ll need to know

  • Learning centres are open 24/7/365 for students with their SHU cards from 25th December to 2nd January
  • There will be security staff on Reception
  • Entry to Adsetts will be from Arundel Gate level 6 and coming down in the lift/ staircase to level 4
  • MyPC will be set to Relaxed Times (no restrictions on any resources at any times) and will be in effect from 8.45am 23/12/13 until 8.45 am 2/1/14. All resources will remain bookable
  • You can phone 0114 225 3333 for help with logging in, passwords and PC bookings
  • Access to e-books and journals is availble 24/7 through the Library Gateway
  • Information is available online via shuspace and the library gateway for academic skills, referencing etc
  • Online payments are available for print top-up and library fines. Print top-up kiosks will also be available
  • Self-service laptops will be withdrawn from 20/12/13 at 5pm until 8.45am 2/1/14.
  • If you need a drink or snack, vending machines will be available (including the Costa coffee machine in Adsetts)

And finally the twitter elves will be on holiday!

If you have anything to tell us about your experience of working during the holidays – use the ‘contact us’ tab on the ‘have your say’ site