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Following a recent survey about newspaper usage the library has decided to cancel a newspaper-154444__340number of printed newspapers.

Newspapers are available online – the primary source is Nexis

This covers about 2,500 publications from across the world, including most major UK newspapers. Coverage varies between publications, but commonly extends from the late 1990s to the present day. There’s more information available on the Journalism, PR and Media subject guide on the Library Gateway.

The money saved on not buying newspapers is going towards ‘Books by You!’. This event will take place in March and means you’ll be able to make your own suggestions about the books we buy. We’ll be telling you more about this very soon!

Newspapers cancelled include

  • Daily Telegraph
  • Financial times
  • Guardian
  • The Times
  • Yorkshire Post
  • Sheffield Star
  • Sheffield Telegraph

Please note  – Sheffield Public Library still takes local newspapers (to assist with job hunting)


Make it easy with eBooks

eBook penguin

Electronic books – or eBooks – are an online version of the print books that you’ll find on the shelves in the libraries. You can read them by going to the Library Gateway and using Library Search; type in the topic that you’re interested in, the title of the book if you know it, the author’s name, or any combination of these.

On the search results page, use the filters to narrow down the results to eBooks. First, click on Available Online at the top of the page and then click on Books/eBooks under Refine My Results.

Available Online

Click on Books / eBooks filter

This will update the list of search results and show any eBooks that are relevant to your search. If you find an eBook that looks useful and want to read it, click on Find Online underneath the book details and then on the view full text link.

Click on Find Online and then on view full text

For some eBooks, it’ll have the name of the supplier (e.g. MyiLibrary or ScienceDirect) instead.  Either way, click on the link and a new window will open, giving you options to read the eBook online or download it.

It’s better to read online instead of downloading. You can do more things, including:

  • Search for a key word that you’re interested in and you’ll get a list of places where that word appears in the book.
  • Click on chapter titles and be taken straight to the page where that chapter begins.
  • Make notes on particular pages – not allowed in print books!
  • Zoom in to view the text in a bigger size if you’re struggling to read it.
Top tip!

If you’re viewing an eBook online and it keeps logging you out (which can happen occasionally), do download a copy to read instead.

Have a look at: eBooks help page

get your read on

Get your read on height 159

It’s the summer, not that it’s always possible to tell from the weather. For lots of people, it’s a chance to get away from the University and do other things. Maybe you’re  travelling or on holiday, at home, or even here in Sheffield working. (We know not everyone gets a summer break, some courses last for a full 52 weeks or have a different pattern.) If you can though, now is a fine time to read for pleasure.

If you’re in Sheffield and up for venturing down to the city centre, come to Adsetts and you’ll find our fiction books on Level 6 at shelfmark 828. Have a look in Library Search to see what we’ve got.

If you’re away from the city or don’t feel like coming into Adsetts, there’s probably a public library not very far away from you. If you’re not sure where the nearest one is, just type the word ‘library’ into Google and it’ll normally give you the name, address, and opening hours.

Oh, and this is about more than just fiction. We’re talking about reading stuff you don’t usually read.  Always wanted to know something about ecology or politics or robotics?  Now’s your chance.