Books by You!

Books-by-You-screensaversHave you heard about or seen a great book that would be perfect for your course – but we don’t have it in the library?

Books by You! is your chance to make suggestions about ‘titles’ you’d like the library to buy. You can make as many suggestions as you like up to and including 31st March, so get involved and start making your suggestions!

It’s NOW, it’s LIVE, it’s HAPPENING

MAKE YOUR SUGGESTIONS HERE! or on the link on the Library Gateway

Here’s how it works…

  • we’ll buy an e-book version of your suggestion if it’s available/suitable and we don’t have it already, (not all books are available as e-books). Or alternatively we may buy a single copy of a book
  • we’ll let you know if we order it and if not why not
  • when the book arrives we’ll place a copy on request for you and email to let you know when it’s ready to collect

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Hold the front page

Following a recent survey about newspaper usage the library has decided to cancel a newspaper-154444__340number of printed newspapers.

Newspapers are available online – the primary source is Nexis

This covers about 2,500 publications from across the world, including most major UK newspapers. Coverage varies between publications, but commonly extends from the late 1990s to the present day. There’s more information available on the Journalism, PR and Media subject guide on the Library Gateway.

The money saved on not buying newspapers is going towards ‘Books by You!’. This event will take place in March and means you’ll be able to make your own suggestions about the books we buy. We’ll be telling you more about this very soon!

Newspapers cancelled include

  • Daily Telegraph
  • Financial times
  • Guardian
  • The Times
  • Yorkshire Post
  • Sheffield Star
  • Sheffield Telegraph

Please note  – Sheffield Public Library still takes local newspapers (to assist with job hunting)


As Sherlock would say…

silent quoteIt’s exam time for many of you and we’d like to remind you about the best areas to study if like Sherlock to need a bit of peace and quiet to concentrate…

Everyone likes a different environment and if you happen to be one of those that cherishes the silence – here are the best places to study…

At Adsetts

There is a silent study room on level 2 or there’s a quiet study room on level 4

At Collegiate library

The silent study room is on the first floor, you’ll find it to your left in the quiet study room. There is another quiet study room on the ground floor in the foyer area too

Please help us to keep the silent areas silent – it really is crucial for some!

If you need to report a disturbance between 9am – 5pm you can do this online via chat. Library staff will alert security staff who will come and walk round the reported area. From 5pm to 9am (and at any other times if you prefer), please tell security staff at the Reception desks about any disturbances, again they will come and have a walk round or talk to anyone as necessary.


…have your say – for your chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire!

It’s that time of year again when we like to hear from you!

‘Wellbeing’ is the theme. This 2 minute survey will help us understand the highs and lows of studying and what we can improve as a result!

In return you can enter the prize draw to win the latest Amazon Kindle Fire!

Good luck and thanks!

have your say wellbeing plasma

Fancy winning an Apple Watch?

Here’s how…

have your say! – we’d like your help to develop a new concept across SHU for how you can access help and support when you need it

Complete the quick survey here for your chance to enter into the prize draw for an Apple Watch

apple digital signage

Thanks for your time and good luck !

A winner will be chosen on the 15th May.


Studying over the Christmas holidays?

If you’re planning to study during Christmas and the New Year here are a few things snowflakeyou’ll need to know

  • Learning centres are open 24/7/365 for students with their SHU cards from 25th December to 2nd January
  • There will be security staff on Reception
  • Entry to Adsetts will be from Arundel Gate level 6 and coming down in the lift/ staircase to level 4
  • MyPC will be set to Relaxed Times (no restrictions on any resources at any times) and will be in effect from 8.45am 23/12/13 until 8.45 am 2/1/14. All resources will remain bookable
  • You can phone 0114 225 3333 for help with logging in, passwords and PC bookings
  • Access to e-books and journals is availble 24/7 through the Library Gateway
  • Information is available online via shuspace and the library gateway for academic skills, referencing etc
  • Online payments are available for print top-up and library fines. Print top-up kiosks will also be available
  • Self-service laptops will be withdrawn from 20/12/13 at 5pm until 8.45am 2/1/14.
  • If you need a drink or snack, vending machines will be available (including the Costa coffee machine in Adsetts)

And finally the twitter elves will be on holiday!

If you have anything to tell us about your experience of working during the holidays – use the ‘contact us’ tab on the ‘have your say’ site

What to do if a computer isn’t working

Don't Panic!The learning centres are packed at the moment and computers are in high demand.  If you discover one that isn’t working, please let us know at the Helpdesk and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.  Sometimes, you might see a PC or a printer with a piece of paper on it that says ‘This equipment is currently being serviced’.  That means someone else has already told us about the fault and we’re working on it.

If you’ve booked a computer and it won’t let you log in or logs you out suddenly, come to the Helpdesk and we’ll help you find another PC.