Borrowing from the library – fast facts

1 week standard loan
1 week standard loan


Students on almost all courses will need to borrow books from the library at some point.  Here are a few things to remember when you do.

  • You can borrow up to 20 books at a time from the library.
  • The standard loan period is 1 week, so you’ll get a book for that long at least.
  • Each book that you borrow will be renewed automatically for up to a year unless someone else requests it. So, if there’s a book that you want and all copies are out on loan, you need to request it!
  • If you have a book on loan and someone requests it so it isn’t renewed, you will need to return it to the library as soon as possible. The best way to keep an eye on your loans is to check My Library Account regularly – click on the link at the top of the Library Gateway.

MLA link

You have 3 days after the date a book is due back to return it to the library without getting a fine. If you leave it any later than that, you’ll be charged £2 per book per day. A book returned on the 4th day overdue would incur fines from the first, second and third days as well (£8 in total).  We don’t want to fine anyone, so please return your books before they get to that point!

Whenever you borrow a book, you’ll be able to have it for at least a week – guaranteed. After that first week though, you need to be prepared to return it if someone else requests it. If you’re going to be away from Sheffield for a while, you can post books back to us but you are responsible for the cost of postage.

Find out more – Borrowing from the libraries (shuspace page)

Changes to borrowing – 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th July!

Changes to borrowing are happening this weekend – here’s the essential information…

  • Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July 3rd A4

From 5pm on Friday 3rd July there’ll be no self-service available for renewals, issuing or requesting books.

Books can be issued at the Helpdesks between 10am – 5pm on Saturday 4th July.

You can return books to the usual areas and there’ll be information on how to do this in both libraries. Please note these books won’t be taken off your account immediately.

  • Sunday 5th July5th

There’ll be no self-service available for renewals, issuing or requesting books.

You can return books to the usual areas and there’ll be information on how to do this in both libraries. Please note these books won’t be taken off your account until Monday 6th July.

Books can be issued at the Helpdesks from 8.30am  Monday 6th July.

  • Monday 6th July

There’ll be no self-service available for renewals, issuing or requesting books until Tuesday 7th July

You can return books to the usual areas and there’ll be information on how to do this in both libraries. Please note these books won’t be taken off your account immediately.

Books can be issued at the Helpdesks from 8.30am Monday 6th July.

All books already out on loan will automatically be renewed until 21st July – after this date your books will automatically be renewed for up to a year unless someone else requests it or your SHUcard expires. Checking My Library Account is the best way to keep up to date. Here are the facts you need to know about the changes to borrowing

All charges for overdue items will be cleared at this time, however charges for replacement/lost books will remain

  • Tuesday 7th July

All services should be up and running as usual – if you have any questions contact us at Helpdesks, email, online chat (front page of the Library Gateway) and phone 0114 225 3333

Library borrowing has changed

Many of the changes and improvements are as a result of student comments. We’re also conscious that we want to keep books in circulation to allow as many students as possible to use them and hopefully these changes will help.

Here are the 7 facts you need to know about borrowing

  1. Book allowance increased
    You will now be able to borrow 20 items (up from 15)
  2. Automatic renewals
    Each of your loans will be automatically renewed each week for up to a year, unless someone else submits a Request for it.
    Emails will be sent to inform you if your book hasn’t renewed.
  3. Check My Library Account
    You will need to check regularly to see if Requests have been placed on books you have on loan.
    Find My Library Account top right on the Library Gateway.
  4. Loan periods standardised to 1 week
    There will be no more 2 day or 4 week loans. All items will be issued for one week.
    If you qualify for extended loans, loan periods will remain at 2 weeks.
  5. 3 day grace period to return requested books
    If a book you have on loan is requested by another borrower you will have 3 days from the due date to return the book before incurring fines. Books returned on the 4th day will include fines from days 1-3.
  6. Increased daily charges
    To encourage the return of books that someone else has requested £2 per day will be charged on requested books that are not returned.
  7. You can place Requests when all copies of a book are out on loan or at the ‘other’ library
    Request a book if they all the copies are out on loan and one will be held for you.
    If you are at City campus you can request a book at Collegiate to be delivered to Adsetts and vice versa.
    Books showing as ‘available’ at your library can be collected directly from the shelves.
    If you qualify for extended loans you can collect items from either library.

‘Reference only’ items will continue to be available on the shelves for use in the libraries only.

If you have any questions about borrowing, at any time, contact us at Helpdesks, email, chat, twitter @shu_library and phone 0114 225 3333.

Life after SHU and what you can do

When your course at Sheffield Hallam finishes, you won’t lose access to University resources straight away.

  • Grad%20Fudge%20BearYou’ll be able to use the learning centres until 31 July or whenever your Faculty Office tells us you’ve finished, whichever comes first, so please make sure you return all books and pay off any fines before then.
  • Your username and password will stop working at the same time, so you won’t be able to get into shuspace, log in to University PCs, use the printers.  You won’t be able to get access files on your HomeDrive either, so make sure you save them elsewhere in time!
  • You will be able to get access to your student emails for up to 1 year after your course ends.  Just go to and log in using your username and password.

If you’ve got any questions about finishing your course and how it’ll affect your access to University resources, have a look on shuspace for more information or ask at one of the learning centre Helpdesks.

Top up and pay fines online

It’s a busy time of year in the learning centres and there might be a queue at the Helpdesk, so why not top up your printer credit or pay your library fines online instead?

To add to your Papercut account, log in to shuspace and you’ll see a ‘Print top up’ link in the Dashboard box, underneath the information about your student emails.Print top upClick on the link and follow the steps on screen to top up.  Alternatively, just go straight to

If you need to pay a library fine, start on the Library Gateway, go to My Library Account and then click on the link underneath the login boxes.Pay your library finesAgain, you can just go directly to instead if you find that easier.

If you have any problems, you can still come to the learning centre Helpdesks to add printer credit and pay off your fines.

Studying over the Christmas holidays?

If you’re planning to study during Christmas and the New Year here are a few things snowflakeyou’ll need to know

  • Learning centres are open 24/7/365 for students with their SHU cards from 25th December to 2nd January
  • There will be security staff on Reception
  • Entry to Adsetts will be from Arundel Gate level 6 and coming down in the lift/ staircase to level 4
  • MyPC will be set to Relaxed Times (no restrictions on any resources at any times) and will be in effect from 8.45am 23/12/13 until 8.45 am 2/1/14. All resources will remain bookable
  • You can phone 0114 225 3333 for help with logging in, passwords and PC bookings
  • Access to e-books and journals is availble 24/7 through the Library Gateway
  • Information is available online via shuspace and the library gateway for academic skills, referencing etc
  • Online payments are available for print top-up and library fines. Print top-up kiosks will also be available
  • Self-service laptops will be withdrawn from 20/12/13 at 5pm until 8.45am 2/1/14.
  • If you need a drink or snack, vending machines will be available (including the Costa coffee machine in Adsetts)

And finally the twitter elves will be on holiday!

If you have anything to tell us about your experience of working during the holidays – use the ‘contact us’ tab on the ‘have your say’ site

Returning students – a few things have changed

Welcome back!

We’ve made a few changes while you’ve been away.  We hope you’ll find they make life
easier for you.

  • 24 hour opening, seven days a week is coming soon.
    In preparation for this we are introducing a new entry system so you’ll now need to have your SHUcard with you to get in to the learning centres
  • Collegiate Learning Centre has had a major refurbishment
  • The system for booking PCs has changed so you should find more of them free when the learning centres are busy
  • You’re now able to borrow laptops even when the helpdesk is closed
  • Online payment allows you to pay fines and, from 30th September you’ll be able to top-up your print account online
  • You can find the recommended readings for your course via Resource Lists Online in your Blackboard site or via the Library Gateway.
  • If you need advice on a project or want to boost your skills in a particular area you can come to  study support drop-ins and study skills workshops at both learning centres

Collegiate Learning Centre

Pay library charges online

You can now pay library fines and other charges online.

We hope that this new service will make the painful process of paying fines a little easier as you will be able to pay them off from anywhere, and at any time, not just when the Helpdesk is open.

You can pay online from any PC or other device and there is also a dedicated PC in each Learning Centre for online fines payment.

You will need your login, student number and card payment details.

You can select which fines or charges to pay, however partial payment of individual fines is not possible.

The service is now available at – and there are links from My Library Account and from the shuspace dashboard.