Are you feeling exam ready?

3571102858_54d5b5f58c_zHave you started to prepare for your exams? 

Would you like some handy tips to get you going?

Look no further, we can help get you started here…

  • How do you like to study – in slience? Which library? Do you prefer to be warmer or cooler?

Take a look at the library study options available as well as topics on the ‘you say, we say’ pages on the ‘have your say’ site

Top tip – if you’re studying in a silent or quiet areas and you have ‘noisy neighbours’ you can report disturbances from Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm via library chat

Comments are passed to security who will go and walk round the reported area and talk to anyone if necessary.

Between 5pm and 9am and weekends (and any other time if you prefer), please report directly to security staff at Reception desks. They are available 24/7


  • Are you likely to study overnight?

You need food for the brain and plenty of hydration! There are water fountains situated on each floor of Adsetts and on the ground floor at Collegiate. There are new vending machines in both libraries or remember to bring your own snacks.

Top tip – fill up your drinks containers or top up snacks for free, there’s hot water available 24/7 in café areas.


  • Need to brush up on your exam skills – on your own or with others?

Here are the top 10 exam tips! on the Bridge

Check out the Exam Resources on the Bridge

Top tip – want more? Try the brand new Exam and Revision workshop – you can book via the Bridge booking page


  • Know where you’re going and what you need?

Top tip find out all you need to know on the Exam Information page on shuspace


  • Finally – remember to take a break!

Health, happiness and academic success are all linked so it’s very important to look after yourself. Healthy Hallam explains the 5 ways to wellbeing

Top tips – when we asked students to share their thoughts on how to cope during stressful times, here’s what they said…

‘keep calm and utilise the universities resources’

‘always talk to someone if you feel you can’t cope with work’

‘manage your time well and make sure you still have some fun’

‘set time aside to de-stress’

‘allow time for yourself, mental health is really important’


Getting sorted for exams

Add print credit online

Have you got exams early in the New Year?  There are lots of ways you can prepare for them…

Exam skills

Type ‘preparing for exams’ into shuspace search and you’ll be taken to the Exam skills page of our Skills for learning guide.  There’s information on revision strategies, how to answer different types of questions, and more.

Past papers

You might find it helpful to try answering some questions from past exam papers on the same subject.  To find them, go to the Library Gateway and type the title of your module into Library Search.  On the search results page, go to the Content Type filter on the left-hand side, click on ‘More options’, and then choose ‘Exam Papers’.

Don’t forget the books!

We have study skills collections at both libraries, including books about preparing for and taking exams. The collection is on Level 4 next to meeting room 0.01 at Adsetts and at the far end of the main study area on the ground floor at Collegiate.

If you’re working away from the University, why not have a look at one of our study skills eBooks?  Here are a few you could try.

You may also be interested in: Before, during and after your exam (shuspace page)

Getting ready for exams – past papers

Exam time is coming and there are lots of ways you can prepare.

To start with, have you thought about practising with some past exam papers?  You can do this by going to the Library Gateway and searching for your module title in Library Search.

Library Search

On the search results page, click on More… under CONTENT TYPE and then choose Exam from the list of options.



You’ll get a list of exam papers and you can view each by clicking on its title.

Exam papers

It’s a good idea to

  • Go for more recent papers
  • Double-check that they’re for your course
  • Ask your module leader if you’re not sure

Now, you can try some exam questions for yourself and decide where to focus your revision.  Good luck!