Requesting library resources we don’t have at SHU

It probably won’t happen very often, but occasionally you might need something that we don’t have in the library or subscribe to.  Maybe one of your lecturers has recommended a book to read for your dissertation, or there’s an journal article that would be ideal for a project you’re working on.  Watch this video tutorial on how to use Library Search to request those things.

Remember: if you want to know more, contact us:

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If you need it we can get it for you (probably)

It can be really frustrating when your search finds what looks like the perfect article or book you need for your work but then you find you don’t have access to it.


Photo credit: Larry He’s So Fine

Don’t pay for articles
Most information databases index many more journals than are covered by our subscriptions. Many of them will offer you the option of buying articles that are not immediately available to you in full text; but you should never have to use this option.

Request from Document Supply Services
If there is an article or book that you really need but you can’t find it in the learning centre collections or access the full text online, you can request it from our Document Supply Services.

They can usually obtain copies of journal articles, book chapters, whole books, conference proceedings and theses from another library within a few days. And it won’t cost you a thing

So if your search finds that perfect article but you can’t access it, make a note of the details and make a Document Supply Service request.

For more details see How do I access books or journal articles unavailable at SHU?