Not a Chrome coloured book but…

We thought we’d make it super obvious where the Chromebooks are located in the libraries!
In Adsetts – you’ll find them on level 3 near the main stairs

chromebook 3








At Collegiate – they’re in the main room C001 on the ground floor (on your left as you walk in)


Pick up a Chromebook today and let us know what you think.

More info on using them can be found on shuspace.


Borrow a Chromebook!

keyboard-943748__340We understand the pressures of trying to find free PCs during busy periods. To help manage this we’re trialling a new service where you can borrow a Chromebook while you’re studying in the library.

The new Chromebook loan service starts 

11.30am Monday 13 February

You’ll find them

At Adsetts – near the main stairs on level 3

At Collegiate – in the main room on the ground floor C001

Chromebooks are different to traditional laptops and many students find them better for studying than laptops or PCs. They’re faster connecting to the internet, working with files online and also have a longer battery life.They can be used for printing in the University and will work with USB memory sticks.

They are great devices for many types of work but don’t contain the full suite of  software and can’t be taken out of the library.

Advantages of Chromebooks

  • faster start up times (there’s no Chromebook-image-2software installed – all applications work in the cloud)
  • 8 hour battery life
  • saving happens automatically so you won’t lose your work if something happens to the computer and you don’t need to use a memory stick to store files
  • you can easily pick up where you left off working if you change to another device
  • you’ll be able to use the Office 365 Online Apps (like Word, Excel, OneNote and OneDrive) and your SHU Google Apps as well as other cloud-based software
  • easy access to shuspace/blackboard and the Library Gateway

Advantages of laptops

  • there’s more software installed and you can use AppHub
  • laptops have the full version of Microsoft Office installed which supports more features than the online version
  • better for complex documents which include equations, graphics etc
  • you can take them out of the library (Chromebooks need to stay in the library)
  • you can borrow some laptops for up to 7 days

More information about the Chromebook loan service

Give them a try and tell us what you think!

Meet Toni!

She’s one of our team of new ‘roving’ staff already helping students! roving

From Monday 31 October, we’re trialling a new roving service available on our library floors until the end of semester one.

At Adsetts the team will be out and about on level 4 and at Collegiate they will be working on the ground floor and first floor.

They can support a range of services including

  • your library questions
  • self-service – issue/return and print top up machines
  • library gateway/catalogue including directing more complex queries to the Helpdesk
  • printing and photocopying
  • directional queries
  • MyPC bookings

So if you’re stuck at a printer, can’t locate that book, need help booking a pc etc – keep a look out for them!

We’ll let you know how the trial goes.

Weekends in the libraries

We’re making some changes at weekends from 1st August  – here’s what you need to know

  • Adsetts and Collegiate libraries are open 24/7/365 – and yes, that means Christmas day too!24hr-opening-2015
  • security staff are available at both Reception desks. At Adsetts this is just inside the main entrance on level 4 and at Collegiate it’s just inside the main doors on the ground floor
  • you’ll need to remember your SHU card for entry (and exit at Adsetts), printing and borrowing

And if you need a helping handbomgar

  • library chat is available 24/7 – you’ll find a link on your desktop, on shuspace and the Library Gateway (in the top right corner)
  • you can phone 0114 2253333 24/7
  • look on shuspace or email
  • Helpdesks are open Monday – Friday

As a result of your comments the grace period for returning books has increased from 3 days to 5 days (this includes weekends). Read more here

Travelling books

Two libraries can be confusing, but it helps that you can hand your City or Collegiate books in at both. The books travel a lot, boxes of them moving between the libraries every day so it doesn’t matter where you hand yours in; they will get to their spot on the shelf by the next day.

Requested books can also be collected from Adsetts or Collegiate Library.

If you want more information, the staff at the Helpdesk are always happy to help. Or you can look on shuspace:

 – A guest post from Evie, our work experience student

Are you heading home?



If you’re leaving uni for the summer or have finished your course – here’s what you need to know!




Do the libraries close over the summer? No! We’re open every day of the year 24/7/365! Just remember your SHUcard. And if you need help we’ve got that covered too… You’ll find Helpdesk opening hours and the different ways you can get in touch here. If you need help with your academic skills here’s the weekly schedule for The Bridge – it’s above the café in Adsetts.

Where can I access to books over the vacation? Are you going home for the summer or if you live in Sheffield – do you have friends at other unis that are coming back to Sheffield for the vacation?

Then SCONUL Access might be the answer. It’s a scheme which allows many university students to borrow books or use books at other libraries in the scheme across the country. Find out more on the SCONUL Access site.

If friends are visiting you in Sheffield they may find our library visitor guide useful.

Can I connect to WiFi? Are you planning on visiting another institution over the summer – or have friends from other unis wanting to use our libraries?

Eduroam could be the answer. Check out participating universities and how to connect here

My course has finished, what happens to my IT account? You can continue to access IT facilities until 31st July or until the Faculty Office notifies us you have completed – which ever is sooner. Here’s what you need to know

You may also be interested in exporting your contacts from your university email – here’s how

And finally there’s Alumni Connect – read about the benefits here

Have a great summer everyone!

Easter Eggstravaganza no. 5 – borrowing books


We’re expecting that lots of people will need to borrow library books and take them home for the holidays, so we’ve extended the loan period. Any books that you borrow on or after Saturday 12th March will be due back on Tuesday 5th April.

Borrowing goes back to normal on Tuesday 29th March and any books you borrow from that day onwards will have the usual 1 week standard loan.

Automatic renewal will still happen, too. For example, if you borrow a book on Monday 14th March, it will be due back on Tuesday 5th April. Then, if no one requests that book, it will be renewed automatically on the 5th and the due date will change to Tuesday 12th April.

For more information, have a look at the Borrowing from the libraries shuspace page.

Want to win an Easter goodie bag? Just follow us on Twitter @shu_library, retweet each daily message for your chance to win one of the 8 Easter Eggstravaganza goodie bags!


Finding a book on the shelves

You can search for a book using Library Search on the Library Gateway or on a Catalogue Plus PC in the library.

In Library Search results, look at the information underneath the title to find a book on the shelf.

Book location information
  1. Sign in to find out how long you can borrow the book for.
  2. Check which library it’s located at and which level (Adsetts only).
  3. Make a note of the shelfmark – you’ll need the number and the letters.
Shelf end sign

Go to the correct level in the library. Look at the signs on the end of each bay of shelves to find out which shelfmarks they contain. See the picture on the right – the book in the example above will be on this row of shelves because 371.26 CO comes between 371.100 AR and 372.999 XE.

Once you’ve found the book, borrow it using a self-service machine:
  • Adsetts Library – Level 4 near the entrance
  • Collegiate Library – main room and quiet study downstairs, main room upstairs

You will always need your SHUcard to borrow anything from the library.

You may also be interested in: What’s a shelfmark? (help sheet)