Are you feeling exam ready?

3571102858_54d5b5f58c_zHave you started to prepare for your exams? 

Would you like some handy tips to get you going?

Look no further, we can help get you started here…

  • How do you like to study – in slience? Which library? Do you prefer to be warmer or cooler?

Take a look at the library study options available as well as topics on the ‘you say, we say’ pages on the ‘have your say’ site

Top tip – if you’re studying in a silent or quiet areas and you have ‘noisy neighbours’ you can report disturbances from Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm via library chat

Comments are passed to security who will go and walk round the reported area and talk to anyone if necessary.

Between 5pm and 9am and weekends (and any other time if you prefer), please report directly to security staff at Reception desks. They are available 24/7


  • Are you likely to study overnight?

You need food for the brain and plenty of hydration! There are water fountains situated on each floor of Adsetts and on the ground floor at Collegiate. There are new vending machines in both libraries or remember to bring your own snacks.

Top tip – fill up your drinks containers or top up snacks for free, there’s hot water available 24/7 in café areas.


  • Need to brush up on your exam skills – on your own or with others?

Here are the top 10 exam tips! on the Bridge

Check out the Exam Resources on the Bridge

Top tip – want more? Try the brand new Exam and Revision workshop – you can book via the Bridge booking page


  • Know where you’re going and what you need?

Top tip find out all you need to know on the Exam Information page on shuspace


  • Finally – remember to take a break!

Health, happiness and academic success are all linked so it’s very important to look after yourself. Healthy Hallam explains the 5 ways to wellbeing

Top tips – when we asked students to share their thoughts on how to cope during stressful times, here’s what they said…

‘keep calm and utilise the universities resources’

‘always talk to someone if you feel you can’t cope with work’

‘manage your time well and make sure you still have some fun’

‘set time aside to de-stress’

‘allow time for yourself, mental health is really important’


Subject Guides News!

plasma screen subject guides publicity DTBehind the scenes some subject areas have moved into different guides.

Watch this 1 minute video that explains which guides have changed and also reminds you of some top tips for finding resources in your subject area

Please let us know if you have any questions about the changes.

Make your dissertation behave in Word (bitesize)

appleIt’s assignment time of year – and you may have long Word documents/dissertations that are driving you crazy!

Help is at hand – a practical workshop session which includes

  • making your text behave
  • using styles – titles, headings and subheadings
  • editing your styles
  • headers, footers and page numbering
  • layout – portrait to landscape to portrait
  • generate an automatic contents page

Tuesday March 7 – 12:00pm – Adsetts 6624 Book here

Tuesday March 21 – 12:00pm – Adsetts 6624 Book here

Tuesday April 4 – 12:00pm – Adsetts 6624 Book here

Tuesday March 7 – 3:00pm – Collegiate Learning Centre CC106 Book here

Tuesday March 21 – 3:00pm – Collegiate Learning Centre CC106 Book here

Tuesday April 4 – 3:00pm – Collegiate Learning Centre CC106 Book here


RefME is changing!

RefME online referencing tool and app change from 28th February open-book-585864__340

Have you been using the free online tool and app RefME to help you with your referencing?

RefME has been acquired by another educational company and will become Cite This For Me

Your accounts and citations will automatically be transferred to Cite This For Me

You’ll be able to log in using the same details to access all your work until 1st June 2017 – giving you access to your account and bibliographies for free on Cite This For Me.

From 2nd June you’ll need to subscribe to Cite This For Me for access to access all you work. There’s more info is here RefME transition to Cite This For Me FAQs. 

There are many different online tools and apps available to help you with your referencing. Have a look at our guidance on this page Choosing the right tool or app for you
You can also consider using RefWorks an online referencing tool paid for by SHU.                                                        
Find out all you need to know on the referencing library guide 


Bitesize help – formatting a long document…

appleIt’s assignment time of year – and you may have long Word documents/dissertations that are driving you crazy!

Help is at hand – come along to a 45 min practical session which includes

  • making your text behave
  • using styles – titles, headings and subheadings
  • editing your styles
  • headers, footers and page numbering
  • layout – portrait to landscape to portrait
  • automatic contents page

Tuesday Feb 7th 1:00pm – Adsetts 6624 Book here

Tuesday Feb 7th 3:00pm – Collegiate Learning Centre CC106 Book here

Next assignment due? Are you putting it off?

correcting-1870721__340Starting a new piece of written work can sometimes be quite daunting. One of the most important stages is to develop a clear assignment plan.

You might find a printable chart a useful tool to help you on your way. The Bridge website has an editable Word document (along with tips for using it). Just look under Resources where you’ll find loads more top tips and guides.

Alternatively  why not come along to an Assignment Planning Forum?

Collegiate – Friday 20th Jan 9am

Adsetts – Tuesday 24th Jan 10am

The forums are designed to help you get started with a new assignment. These informal, small group sessions will allow you to test out your initial ideas & approaches, and help you to generate your draft assignment plan, all under the guidance of the Academic Skills Tutor.

All you need to do is to bring along your assignment question & assessment criteria on a USB stick and you will have the opportunity to discuss your initial ideas with the other participants and the tutor.

The sessions are bookable on Unihub, via the Bridge website and are designed to complement our Writing Forums.

For further information please see


Are you exam ready?

book-1845356_960_720All sorts of factors contribute to how well you do in exams and there’s also a lot you can do to give yourself the best chance of success. Revision isn’t just down to the time you put in, it’s about how well you use your time! Check this quick video out to get you started.

Here are our top tips…

  • make sure you know when and where your exams take place – and add it to your calendar or diary (see exam venues below)
  • your exam will be based on topics you have covered during the semester – take a look at your lecture notes and hand outs
  • identify your main study topic – then divide your time into small chunk and allocate the time available
  • summarise the information you have gathered and identify the key points – remember to include examples and evidence for each topic
  • make sure you understand the information when you make notes – it may work better to present the information as a chart or mind map
  • re-reading your notes is not always effective – try walking around your room, ask yourself questions and answer them
  • to practise writing an exam question sketch out a rough outline in ten minutes – then go back to your notes to see what you’ve missed

Have you got more questions?

Check out our exam resources on the Bridge website or come along to an Exam Surgery – where you’ll meet our Academic Skills Tutor as part of a small group to develop your exam technique. To book a place at an Exam Surgery visit the bookings page here.

Before, during and after your exams

Exam venues

ID required for exams

What can I take into my exams?

And finally Hallam Students’ Union can help with exam stress relief – they have put on two weeks of activities to help you ‘Keep Your Cool’

Academic skills workshops for March 2016

Our workshops are open to all Sheffield Hallam students to help you develop the skills you need for effective university study. There’s no need to book – just come along and join in.

Bridge Logo lo-res

Academic skills workshops

The programme of academic skills workshops runs regularly at Adsetts and Collegiate learning centres.
The schedule for March 2016 workshops includes sessions on

    • Critical reading
    • Critical writing
    • Critiquing a research article
    • Reflective writing
    • Literature review
    • 10 tips to improve your academic writing

For more details see Academic skills workshops in the Library

Referencing and RefWorks workshops

A programme of workshops on Referencing and  RefWorks is also running through March 2016.

For details see Referencing workshops




The Bridge – take control of your learning

The Bridge logo

Good news everyone! We’ve got a new skills support space in Adsetts Library. It’s called The Bridge and you’ll find it above Adsetts cafe. Come along for:

  • Maths and Stats Help
  • Study support appointments and drop-ins
  • Academic Skills workshops
  • Academic English classes for international students
  • Half-hour tutorials for students whose first language isn’t English

When you go to The Bridge, you’ll see a banner for each service to help you find it.


For more information, see The Bridge on shuspace or go along and have a look for yourself.