Borrowing and returning books at Collegiate library

return unitWe’re trialling a new system of returning books at Collegiate Library – because you’ve been telling us that returning books there isn’t as easy as it could be!

The book units on the Ground Floor in the main room have become  a ‘returns only’ area – previously you could borrow and return books here.

Hopefully this will help to make returning books more straightforward and reduce any confusion!

Top tips

A returns receipt is emailed to you automatically, but if you want to double-check that you’ve returned all your books then choose ‘print receipt’ too, or just log in to My Library Account to see the books you’ve borrowed and returned.

We’ll be monitoring this trial to see how you find it. You can let us know what you think about it here

Where can I borrow books at Collegiate?

  • there’s a borrowing unit (like the one’s above), in the Quiet Study room on the Ground Floor (in the foyer area)
  • the other one is situated upstairs in the main book collection on the First Floor

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