Keep track of your borrowing with My Library Account

If you can’t remember what you have on loan or when things are due back, have a look on My Library Account.  Go to the Library Gateway and click on the ‘My Library Account’ link in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.

My Library Account

If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, click on the menu button to get to the link.

Library Gateway mobile menu

You’ll be asked to sign in, so use your University username and password.  It’s the same details you use to log into shuspace or a University PC.

After that, you’ll be in My Library Account and you can go into the different areas to see information related to your borrowing.

My Library Account areas

Loans – all the library books, DVDs, and other things you have on loan will be listed alongside their due dates.  Items will renew automatically but not if someone else requests them, so it’s a good idea to check My Library Account regularly.  You will get an email to your University account as well if someone requests an item and it won’t be renewed.  Some things aren’t renewable at all, like laptops and Document Supply books.

Requests – if you’ve made any requests, you can see them here with information about whether they’re ready for you to collect.  There’s also an option to cancel a request that you don’t need any more, which will take you out of the queue and make sure it’s passed along to the next person who requested it.

Fines and fees – hopefully, you won’t be using this area very often!  You can see a list of any fines and pay them from here as well.

You might find these shuspace pages useful:


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