Are you exam ready?

book-1845356_960_720All sorts of factors contribute to how well you do in exams and there’s also a lot you can do to give yourself the best chance of success. Revision isn’t just down to the time you put in, it’s about how well you use your time! Check this quick video out to get you started.

Here are our top tips…

  • make sure you know when and where your exams take place – and add it to your calendar or diary (see exam venues below)
  • your exam will be based on topics you have covered during the semester – take a look at your lecture notes and hand outs
  • identify your main study topic – then divide your time into small chunk and allocate the time available
  • summarise the information you have gathered and identify the key points – remember to include examples and evidence for each topic
  • make sure you understand the information when you make notes – it may work better to present the information as a chart or mind map
  • re-reading your notes is not always effective – try walking around your room, ask yourself questions and answer them
  • to practise writing an exam question sketch out a rough outline in ten minutes – then go back to your notes to see what you’ve missed

Have you got more questions?

Check out our exam resources on the Bridge website or come along to an Exam Surgery – where you’ll meet our Academic Skills Tutor as part of a small group to develop your exam technique. To book a place at an Exam Surgery visit the bookings page here.

Before, during and after your exams

Exam venues

ID required for exams

What can I take into my exams?

And finally Hallam Students’ Union can help with exam stress relief – they have put on two weeks of activities to help you ‘Keep Your Cool’

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