Topping up your print account

So, you’re in the library and you need to print – here are your options

Option 1 – transfer money from your SHUcard – recommended anytime

Your SHUcard is key to your student life, with it you can access the libraries, borrow books and laptops, automatically log into a printer, attend exams etc. You PrintTopUp2014can also add money to your SHUcard to go ‘cashless’.

Once you’ve got money on your SHUcard you can spend it in various ways at cafes, uni shops or you can transfer it to your ‘printing account’ (Papercut)

  • Login to
  • Click Secure Top Up’
  • Select Transfer to Papercut’ from the drop down at the top of the page. This will change the page and grey out the CVV field.
  • Choose the amount or click Other’ and enter an amount (£1 minimum) then press ‘Transfer Now’
  • Click ‘OK’ in the confirmation box then click Home
  • Click the ‘amount box’ in the top right of the screen to view a summary of the balances in your different purses – Cash, Club card, or Papercut

Option 2 – is to log into a Print top-up machine – recommended anytime

  • in Adsetts – these are located on the left hand side of the café area on level 4
  • in Collegiate library – there’s one in the main room on the ground floor as well as the top of the first floor stairs

Option 3 – at a library Helpdeskduring staffed hours

  • credit your print account by cash or debit/credit card

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