Referencing – just got easier!

…and here’s what you need to know – ‘APA 6th ed’ is the new SHU Harvard!APA digital signage 1jpg

APA 6th ed. is now the main referencing style used at SHU – replacing Harvard-SHU

But don’t worry – if your department uses a different style such as OSCOLA, MLA, etc. then there’s no need for you to change.

Here are 2 good reasons to use APA refme

  1. You can quickly and easily generate correctly formatted references in APA style from Library Search and Google Scholar
  2. You can choose from a wide range of free apps and online tools such as RefME so you can quickly generate accurate APA style references e.g. scan a book barcode to automatically generate the correct reference.


If you are used to Harvard-SHU you can continue using it during 16/17 if you want to.

Find out more about easier referencing at or pick up a leaflet in the Library.

Referencing just got easier with APA!


5 thoughts on “Referencing – just got easier!

    • Hi Winston. There isn’t actually a single Harvard referencing style so, although most reference management tools have a Harvard style called ‘Harvard’, it isn’t the same as SHU Harvard. APA is much more straightforward: if you see ‘APA 6th edition’ in the list of styles for a reference management tool, you can be confident that it’s the right one to choose.

  1. Does refworks support this style of referencing? I’ve only just mastered that!

    Also what does APA stand for and how is it easier than the current system to use please?

    • Hi Simon. First of all, yes, RefWorks does support APA. If you change the referencing style in RefWorks to APA, you can switch all of your existing references if you want to. To answer your second question, APA stands for American Psychological Association and has its name because they developed the style. The reason we’re using it is because it’s a consistent style worldwide and, if you find ‘APA 6th edition’ in any referencing tool, you can be confident that you’re using the right style. By the way, you’ll see that SHU-Harvard and APA look quite similar. Both use in-text citations with the author and date, as well as a reference list.

      • Hi Tom, thanks for that full and informative answer I will give it a go when I’m feeling confident I can differentiate between the two styles. Kind regards, Simon

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