How does the scheme work for Students?

The Hallam Career Mentoring Scheme gives you the chance to meet a professional who can give insights into: their world of work, how they got into the role, what it’s like to work where they do and what skills you might need in your own career. 

You could:

  • Visit your mentor’s workplace
  • Research or confirm career ideas
  • Gain insider advice about the application and job hunting process
  • Find out about any specialist skills, knowledge or training you need
  • Meet people and make contacts
  • Arrange future work shadowing or work experience

Our mentors are professionals from across the UK and International who volunteer their time to support you. We’d like them to continue supporting our students. As representatives of Sheffield Hallam University, we of course expect you to be reliable and professional in your approach to meeting with your mentor.

This means:

  • Taking the lead in arranging meetings
  • Setting clear goals and objectives
  • Preparing fully for your mentoring meetings
  • Recording action points agreed with your mentor

What you get from the scheme depends on what you want, and on what your mentor can give. 

Hallam Career Mentoring Scheme criteria:

  • Be a current student or have graduated from Hallam within 5 years
  • Be able to attend a compulsory Mentee Induction
  • Be committed to the mentoring process and keep in touch with your mentor throughout the scheme

The Hallam Career Mentoring Team will work hard to make sure the best applicant is matched for each mentor. Please be aware this is a competitive process so please make sure your application is of a high standard. The scheme runs throughout the academic year. During this time, you’ll need to commit to at least four meetings with your mentor.

Steps for success:

1. Read our mentors’ profiles to see what they can offer

2. Select three mentors in (your preferred order!) who you would like to work with

3. Complete online application form – this is your opportunity to tell us why you would benefit from having a mentor so please be thorough, professional and utilise the word count! Please note: Receipt of your application does not guarantee your acceptance onto the scheme.

4. If you are accepted, we will then match you with a mentor. We will try to match you with a mentor that you have requested but in some cases we may offer you an alternative mentor.

5. When you are matched, you’ll be informed by the Hallam Career Mentoring Team who will invite you to a Hallam Career Mentoring Induction session. Once you have attended this session, we will then send you an email, copying in your mentor to introduce you to each other. The email will ask you to contact your mentor, in order to arrange your first meeting.

6. It is then your responsibility to arrange the first meeting with your mentor. You will then be responsible for the process continuing.

7. You will have access to plenty of online resources which will help you throughout the scheme. These can be found within the Resources section.