Application process

Our 2018/19 scheme has now closed, but we will open again in September 2019! If you have any questions about the scheme, just get in touch at

Before you apply to be a mentee – please read this page carefully

What will be expected of me?

If accepted onto the scheme, you will:

  • commit to a minimum of four meetings with your mentor, usually in their place of work.
  • prepare fully for these meetings and take the lead in arranging them
  • set clear goals and objectives around what you want to gain from the scheme (we can help you with this).
  • be expected to maintain contact with your mentor appropriately and with respect, until the conclusion of the scheme.
  • keep in contact with us to provide us with updates.


We expect high standards of conduct and behaviour if you are accepted onto the Career Mentoring Scheme as you will be meeting with a professional person at their workplace as well as representing the University. Our mentors are professional people who are giving their time voluntarily because they want to support you as career mentors. They also have high expectations of the scheme; they are not expecting you to have lots of experience but will expect you to be polite, respectful, committed and engaged with your mentor.

Maintaining contact

It is vital that you maintain contact with your mentor, even during busy times when you have academic work deadlines and competing priorities. Your mentor will understand if you contact them to say that you are approaching a busy period, but they will find it very hard to understand why you have just stopped responding to contact, and this is unacceptable workplace behaviour. An email or phone call takes a few minutes, and shows courtesy. Remember, your mentor is looking forward to mentoring you, and wants the relationship to thrive.

The application process

You must:

    • Be a current student for the main mentoring scheme
    • Be a current student or have graduated from Hallam within 5 years for the Enterprise stream of the mentoring scheme
    • Be able to attend a compulsory Mentee Induction in November
    • Be committed to the mentoring process and keep in touch with your mentor throughout the scheme

The application form

Please follow the instructions on the application form. The application form contains Terms and Conditions below which you must agree to in order to apply. You will be asked to select up to 3 mentors from those available, so make sure to read the profiles and think about the kind of mentor you would ideally like to be matched with.

What we look for:
  • Take note of the minimum word counts for some questions as we like to know a little about you before we can accept you onto the scheme.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you understand what is involved, and why you feel that mentoring would be of benefit to you.
  • The scheme is open to all students, but we would particularly like to hear from you if don’t have a lot of experience or are not sure who you could speak to in order to find out about your career ideas.

Terms and conditions

I understand that the Career Mentoring Scheme is made possible by the goodwill and generosity of volunteers from local and national organisations and that mentors are not necessarily professionally trained in mentoring and coaching. If accepted onto the scheme, I agree to the following conditions:

(1) I am aware and committed to fulfilling all requirements of the Career Mentoring Scheme: a) attending a preparation meeting; b) to arrange meetings as negotiated with my mentor – usually four over the duration of the programme; c) To write a reflective report at the end of my mentoring experience, in order to be awarded a certificate d) contributing to the evaluation and development of the scheme.

(2) I agree to take reasonable care that my behaviour does not endanger the personal safety or property of myself, other students, the mentor or others within the mentor’s employing organisation. In the event that I do accidentally cause any damage to the mentor’s property whilst on a visit to the mentor’s premises I agree to report this to the Scheme Coordinator via as soon as possible after the incident.

(3) I understand that I am representing the University when participating in the Career Mentoring Scheme and I agree to abide by the University’s regulations.

(4) I understand that the mentor is not an employee or agent of the University and the University is not responsible for actions or any damage that they might cause to me or my property, by their negligence or otherwise. I understand that in accepting an invitation to meet with a mentor or visit their business premises, I do so at my own risk.

(5) I confirm that I am a current student at Sheffield Hallam University or within 5 years from graduation for the Enterprise stream of the mentoring programme.

(6) I confirm that I am not currently subject to any disciplinary procedures with the University.

The University Scheme Coordinator may withdraw you from the scheme at any time, if your behaviour falls below that which is expected. This is to preserve the integrity of the scheme and maintain excellent relationships with our external partners. We cannot absolutely guarantee that a mentor will be available, even if you have been accepted, due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, such as a mentor becoming ill.  Your application form will be kept in accordance with the University’s data protection procedures and the Student Personal Data Code.

If you do not understand any of the terms and conditions, please contact the team on or on 0114 225 3752.

What happens after I complete the form?

All applications will be considered at the end of the application period. It is a competitive process and so the quality of your application will count. Please note: Receipt of your application does not guarantee your acceptance onto the scheme. If you are accepted, we will then match you with a mentor. We will try to match you with a mentor that you have requested but in some cases we may offer you an alternative mentor. The matching decisions made by the Scheme Coordinator and the team are final.

If you are matched with a mentor, we will contact you to inform you and to check that you understand what to do next. We will then send you an email, copying in your mentor to introduce you to each other. The email will ask you to contact your mentor by telephone if possible, in order to arrange your first meeting. You will then be responsible for the process continuing. You should if possible plan your future meetings with your mentor, aiming to meet a minimum of four times, and concluding the relationship at the end of April next year.

Good luck!

The scheme has proved hugely beneficial to many students in the past, so, if you are happy with all of this, please proceed and apply. If you have any questions about the scheme, just get in touch at