ECR Network Events 2018-19

Launch Event – 10 January 2018

We held our first event on 10 January 2018 to launch the network. ECR Network launch programme and slides

Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan and Collaboration – 18 June 2018

The ECR network hosted a session at the Creating Knowledge conference on 18 June 2018 including speakers and group discussion on the following:

  • The SHU Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan and its implications for ECRs
  • Protecting your time for research
  • Collaboration with other academics
  • Information about a future, internal funding opportunity for ECRs

How to find research collaborators and write a good bid for internal funding – 25 September 2018

This event was designed to help Early Career Research staff prepare applications for internal schemes under the Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan (CKIP) Research Investment Prospectus.  The session aimed to  help attendees find out more about the opportunities, how to find potential collaborators and understand what the panel will be looking for. Attendees were encouraged to bring with them a draft of their application or initial plans for peer feedback.

ECR Network Internal Funding Workshop Slides

Developing & Enhancing Skills for Supporting Others with Mental Health & Wellbeing (facilitated by Polly Singer: counsellor, supervisor and trainer) – 11 June 2019

Attendance at this session allowed attendees to:

  • Explore what a strong, supportive culture around mental health and wellbeing looks like
  • Identify warning signs of mental ill health and understand how to approach and support someone who may be struggling
  • Engage with scenarios, case studies and small group work to develop their skills and confidence
  • Increase their ability to have effective, responsive conversations with others around sensitive subjects
  • Take away practical tools and techniques to aid them in supporting others whilst maintaining appropriate boundaries to look after themselves.

Building Your Mental Health & Self-Care Toolkit (facilitated by Polly Singer: counsellor, supervisor and trainer) – 21 June 2019

Attendance at this session allowed attendees to:

  • Connect with other ECRs in a safe, supportive environment to discuss relevant issues related to mental health and self-care
  • Strengthen their self-awareness around the ways in which you support themselves, their warning signs and the limits of their capacity
  • Provide them with ideas and strategies for coping with common issues such as stress, ‘imposter syndrome’ and difficulties in saying ‘no!’
  • Engage with quick, effective techniques for grounding, relaxation and focusing
  • Take away practical tools and resources to aid them in establishing or maintaining appropriate boundaries and in looking after themselves as an ECR

Protecting your Research Time:  From Mission Impossible to Mission Possible – 11 July 2019

Most of us are so busy with teaching, administration and trying to achieve a work-life balance that finding time for research and protecting that time often feels like a real challenge.  So, how can we protect our time for research? And is it really about protecting our time or, more generally, asking what’s stopping us?

In this practical session Dr Anja Louis (Reader in Cultural and Intercultural Studies) shared her observations, practices and experiences and Dr Simon Choppin and Dr Xu Xu co-facilitated the workshop exploring practical strategies for protecting research time.

Protecting Research Time Slides (Xu)

Protecting Research Time slides (Louis)