Careers & Employability Workshops

The Career Management Skills workshops will help you find your way through the career planning maze, find out more about yourself and give you tips on CV writing and maximising your chance of success in job applications.

Career Planning Tactics

Find your way through the career planning maze
– how to plan your career?
– what do PhD graduates do?
– how to succeed in academia?
– what non-academic roles are there available?
– how do employers view PhDs?

Slides from: PGR Career Planning Tactics 26th Jan 2017

Personal Skills Analysis

Find out more about yourself in this practical interactive session
– what skills you have?
– what motives and interests you?
-what environment suits you?
– how do these impact on career choice?
– what steps to take to plan your career?

Session slides: Personal Skills Analysis

Effective Applications

Get tips on CV writing and maximise your chance of success in job applications
– where to look for vacancies?
– how to market yourself effectively?
– how to write an academic CV?
– how effective your CV is?

Session slides: Effective Applications

Interview Techniques

Prepare yourself for interviews
– explore the purpose of an interview
– outline different interview formats
– what do employers want?
– how to present yourself effectively
– chance to practice

Session slides: Interview Techniques